Olive’s Training Log-1.22.17

Hanson’s week 7 started out with some great workouts, but unfortunately ended up with a stomach bug and some missed workouts. I’m hoping to rest up and get back on track next week.

Monday– 6 miles easy, no watch. Taught a strength training class in the afternoon.

Tuesday-treadmill speedwork-1 mile warmup, 4x .75 miles at 6:30-6:35 pace, 2 cooldown. I finally feel like I’m hitting my groove with the 6:30 pace! I taught a spin class in the afternoon.

Wednesday-8 miles easy, 8:17 pace. It finally occurred to me that I can do my long runs on Wednesdays because I don’t work during the day, and then I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays! Hanson alternates long runs and easy runs each week, so this week’s “long” run was only 8 miles. Later I taught a spin class.

Thursday-2 mile warmup, 7 miles @7:35 pace (goal marathon pace), 1 cooldown. 3 classes later in the day.

Friday-10 miles easy, 7:54 pace. I found a new route that I loved from my gym, and was psyched to set some new Strava course records because I’m 10 years old and love head pats. I taught 1 strength class in the morning.

Course recoooord!

On Friday night I started feeling sick, and spent the night in the bathroom with some sort of stomach bug. I cancelled my scheduled 6 miler and 2 classes Saturday. By Sunday I felt better, but figured I should take some extra rest and get ready for next week, which includes a 10 mile race with some much faster friends.

I am a stay at home mom and group fitness instructor from South Texas. I love reading, wine, and travel. I write about trends, injury prevention and maintenance, and satire. I am training to break 1:30 in the half marathon sometime soon, and for the 2017 Boston Marathon.

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  1. Love that you can shift the week and make long runs on Wednesdays! We’re so used to the weekends being the day we have “extra” time, but there’s no reason not to move it if there’s a better day!