Olive’s 5K PR Training Log-5.8-5.21

After some downtime following Boston, I’m back and ready to work hard again! In case you need a refresher, I ran Boston for fun, so I trained, but not with a PR in mind. For Christmas this year, my husband got me a year of coaching! My coach, Mike, is great and we are working in seasons. This summer is 5K and 10K season, fall will be half marathon season and I’ll finish my year with him with the Houston Marathon in January.

I have 2 5Ks this summer. The first one is June 10 and will be a good baseline for me, as I haven’t run a 5K in about 3 years! Here’s a quick recap of the past few weeks of training.


Monday-8 miles easy, 7:43 pace. Taught 1 strength class later.

Tuesday-Track day! I’ve taken a few years off the track so I was completely terrified of this workout. The workout was 2×400 at 88, 2×1600 at 6:00, 2×400 at 86. I ran my first 400 in 81 and knew immediately I was screwed. I held on for the 400s but the 1600s were a death march-6:07 and 6:17. I texted Mike that hopefully I’d remember how to run on the track next week.

Wednesday-7 easy, 7:55 pace. Taught a spin class.

Thursday-Goal was 3x 1 mile at 6:44 with 60 seconds rest. I ran them in 6:25, 6:26 and 6:29 which is totally wrong for this workout. At this point I’m sure my coach is wondering what he got himself into! I haven’t done focused speed work for a long time and am really struggling with finding the right pace. Later I taught a strength class.

Friday-6 easy treadmill, 8:42 pace. Taught 1 strength class.

Saturday-taught 2 classes.

Sunday-13, 7:53 pace (goal was 7:50-8:20)

Gorgeous Mother’s Day sunrise run


Monday-8 easy, 7:53 pace. Strength class later.

Tuesday-Track again. The workout was 2×400 in 88, 3×800 in 2:56, 2×400 in 86. After last week’s disaster I was ready to redeem myself. My paces were 85, 86, 2:55, 2:54, 2:57, 84, 85. I was on cloud nine after that!

Track is whack.

Wednesday-10 easy, 8:19 pace.

Thursday-Track again! This was not ideal, but I was going out of town for the weekend and couldn’t guarantee that I’d find a track to use. Doing a tough track workout 2 days in a row proved to be a disaster, and the ridiculous humidity didn’t help (85 degrees and 80 percent humidity). I had the same workout as last week, and the 400s were fine, but my 1600s were 6:07 and 6:22. I felt like I was running through Jello. I’m slated to do this workout 3 more times and I’ll be happy to chip closer to that 6:00 mark. I taught a strength class later.

Friday-6.5 easy, 8:39 pace. 1 strength class.

Saturday-7 miles easy, 8:07 pace, then taught 2 classes.

I am a stay at home mom and group fitness instructor from South Texas. I love reading, wine, and travel. I write about trends, injury prevention and maintenance, and satire. I am training to break 1:30 in the half marathon sometime soon, and for the 2017 Boston Marathon.

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  1. Ooh, my favorite distance! Looking forward to it. How much rest do you do take in between the 400s, etc.?

    1. I get 2:30 between 400s, 3:30 between 800s and 5:00 between the 1600s. Sometimes I don’t need the whole time (like between the 400s) but sometimes I do (those 1600s are brutal!).