Introducing Honey!

Maybe I am crazy... about running!
Maybe I am crazy… about running!

Hi Salty Community!

Get ready for Honey, bringing a little bit of sweetness to balance out the sodium!  I fell in love with running specifically because of the sisterhood I found pounding the pavement along Chicago’s lakefront with the ladies at a shoe store’s weekly “Chicks Night.”  Now, a few years and more than a few miles away, I am excited to join another community of motivated women, and I’m looking forward to being inspired by you and your path while I share my own!

In my day-to-day life I’m a middle school Special Education teacher in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. That earns me double you-must-be-crazy looks, believe me.  Yes, I teach inner-city adolescents. By choice.  Yes, I sign up for marathons. Repeatedly.  But there’s a great explanation: I’m not just addicted to sugar, I’m also addicted to challenges.  Speaking of, I just found a great trail half near the City that’s still open…

I like running because of all the different directions it can take you, in both the means and the ends. A lot of my training journeys begin with that little question, Why not? The more I run, the more that question becomes an exclamation: WHY NOT!  To wit, I present real internal monologues:

OK, I’ve done a half; does that mean I can do a full marathon? Why not! Hey, there’s a marathon in Rio de Janeiro that lines up perfectly with my summer vacation. Should I just do it? Why not! Should I use this insurance money to buy a bike and get into triathlon? Why not! Can I count this hip-hop class as cross-training? Why not! Look, a new empanada place on my block! Can I get a few on my way home from the gym? Why not… but only two!

Getting ready to run my most recent marathon in Gdansk, Poland. Nice to see you!
Getting ready to run my most recent marathon in Gdansk, Poland. Nice to see you!

My goal in writing for Salty Running is to present ways that we can keep our training fresh and interesting. As you might be able to tell, for me that has meant trying out a new class at the gym or signing up for a race on an unfamiliar course or country. (Did I mention I like challenges?)  I’ve traveled abroad for many of my past races, and I’ll share some of those experiences and other reflections as I try to keep building my lifelong relationship with running.

So here’s to setting new running goals and challenges and achieving our Why Nots. Maybe I can finally break that pesky four-hour marathon threshold, or maybe I just need to commit to getting out there each day after school to clear my head from the crazy, lovely kiddos. I’m looking forward to learning about your Why Nots as well. Until then, I’ve got that trail half to register for!

A Minnesota girl living in New York City. I'm a middle school teacher (by choice!), runner, bike commuter, traveler, and general do-er of things. My next goal is to change my finally crush my marathon PR of 4:01 to under 4:00.

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