Shoe Love Triangle No More

Love Triangle (game show)

I finally committed to one pair. Yes, after going back and forth, forth and back I picked out my new shoes. It was not an easy decision. I even toyed with the idea of making my triangular shoe relationship something of a permanent thing, buying two pairs and switching between them just like I was doing before. I thought and thought and thought. Maybe even a bit too much. I started paying lots of attention to what other people were wearing and I asked several random people how they felt about their shoes.

I was a woman torn.

I even went in and out of running shoe stores picking up, touching, and making mental notes on all kinds of shoes. I did not limit myself to my current two options. Some might call me promiscuous when it comes to shoes, but I think I was just procrastinating on making a choice. It was much easier to pick out socks. Go figure.

I am not exactly sure what I was doing or why I was doing it. I was torn between two pairs of shoes and I could not go wrong no matter which pair I chose. Why did I feel the need to look at others? Am I really that fickle? Or was I just afraid of commitment? I know this sounds strange especially since I have running for a million years and it is a pair of running shoes, not a husband. Yes, I had jumped off the deep end.

Once I went back to my favorite running store, my sanity returned, sort of. I tried on a pair of each of the shoes in my love triangle and went for a run. They both felt great just like I knew they would. I sat down looking at both pairs for about 30 minutes, I kid you not.ย  I was actually stuck.

new shoes
My one and only love … for now.

I went home empty handed. When I was getting ready to go out for my next few runs I discovered that I was running in my Newton Gravities much more on the long runs than in my Altras. I honestly thought I was spending equal time in both. I did not consciously like one pair more than the other, but apparently my mind did. Once I discovered that I felt the pressure disappear. Why I did not think about that before, I have no idea. The light came on. I went back to the store and came home with a brand new pair of Newtons.

The moral of my story is:

  • Establish a relationship with a running store. It makes choosing a shoe much easier.
  • Pay attention to which shoes you gravitate towards by keeping track of the mileage of all your running shoes.
  • Keep an open mind, be prepared to be educated.
  • Trends and colors should not sway your opinion, fit and compatibility should.
  • Your loyalty should be to your feet, NOT a brand.
  • Remember you are choosing running shoes, not a mate so relax and enjoy the process.
  • Laugh at your inability to decide and then decide.

Had I done any of those things I listed, my experience would have been must easier. Surely, I will remember them for the next time.

Have you ever struggled to choose the perfect pair of running shoes?ย 

I eat miles for breakfast, or occasionally for a snack later in the day. Self proclaimed 50+ and fabulous poster child, US Army vet, college professor, avid runner, yoga enthusiast, guest columnist, and I've used Olay since I was 17 so they should use me in at least one of their ads!

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  1. I’m in a fight with all my running shoes right now. None of them feel great when I wear them, and I have 3 pairs so it’s getting a little frustrating. I think I need to go and explore some more options

    1. Yes, explore more options. There is no need to settle on anything that does not feel right. It may be frustrating now, but once you find the right shoe you will be smiling.

    1. Vanilla-right now I love them. I have 130 miles on them to date. I don’t really like to wear them on the beach because teh sand easily comes through the mesh, but I won’t complain.