New Baby, New Outlook: A Cocoa Update

Hello! Cocoa here, still running. I am also super happy to see Salty Running make a comeback!

My last post was a race summary from a marathon that I was quite happy about, but a lot has changed! I haven’t really raced since then, mostly because…

Woman holds baby while toddler girl peeks over man's backOur family was blessed with our second baby! He’s a sweet, sweet boy, now 7 months old. I was able to “run” through pregnancy again, though at the end it was more of a waddle followed by a walk break, followed by a waddle again.

My first pregnancy was a c-section; if you recall my previous posts, you’ll remember I wrote quite a lot about returning to running after c-section. My second arrived naturally, which I was super pleased about. From the perspective of immediate recovery (e.g. the first 6 weeks), I would say natural birth was slightly easier to recover from than a c-section, but still not as easy as I would have expected. Really, the two recovery experiences were quite similar.

Next, we moved across the country when our baby was five weeks old—such is the military spouse life. Selling our house and moving across the country with a three year old, newborn and two crazy dogs was certainly something to remember, or better yet, to forget. To make things more exciting, shortly after moving into our new house in our new state, my husband had to travel for a series of trainings, so I handled the kids and dogs solo for several weeks.

A baby and a toddler girl sit in a double jogging strollerDuring all of this, I ran. Well, I kind-of ran. Like the “pushing a double stroller and stopping every 30 seconds to open yogurt packets and goldfish, replace binkies, and pick up dog poop” kind of running, also known as the “frequently applying hand sanitizer” kind of running. I ran like the “I haven’t slept more than two consecutive hours in five months” type of running.  My epiphanies on sleep deprivation will be saved for another post.

I still run every day because I love it, but running for training or intensity has been placed on the back burner, replaced by running for relaxation, sanity, and health. But don’t think I’m not still running races! I am chipping away at my 50 States goal, and have my first postpartum marathon scheduled in 7 weeks. It won’t be fast, but as long as I finish I can still color in the state on my map! You can run races without racing them, and I’ve entered more of a run stage in life than a race stage.

What about you? Have you transitioned from racing fast to running for fun? I would love to hear your experiences!

I am a 30-something new mother (pet mother too), marathon and ultramarathon runner, healthcare professional, and outdoor enthusiast. I'm working on completing a marathon in all 50 states. I will be blogging about motherhood, running, and any random running-related rant I might come up with.

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