Mustard’s Eugene MarathonTraining Log – 3.13.16

I am NOT a long distance runner by nature. So do not expect to see any crazy mileage from my marathon training logs. This marathon training cycle I have been focused on slowly increasing my weekly mileage, race pace miles, and speed. I do hope to see some weeks in the 50s coming up soon butย only if the legs are feeling it.

2/29-3/6 (Race Week Lighter Mileage)

Monday- 5.5 easy nighttime miles. 3 with Pablo the boxer pup. 9:15/mile. Why does running in the dark feel so much more difficult?

Tuesday- Off. Trial prep/All day trial from 5:30 a.m. on. Just wasn’t going to happen today. Legs still feeling a bit beat up from 16 w/ 12 at GMP previous Saturday anyways.

Wednesday-4 miles steady state with the pup. 8:45/mile. 30:00 on bike trainer (+) core after.

Thursday- 6 miles easy. 2.5 with the pup. 9:00/mile.

Friday-3.1 miles shake out miles (+) a few strides. My standard pre race run for the last 19 years. 9:00/mile.

Saturday- Cottage Grove Half Marathon. 1:39:26 (7:37/mile). Second race and second half for the year. Huge post law school PR for me (over 4 minutes). Slowly chipping away towards “real life” PRs. Big confidence boost going into the hefty marathon mileage of the next four or five weeks. 1 mile warm up and hobbled a .5 mile cool down. My only issues with this performance: I’m a pretty dead on pacer and couldn’t find a groove until miles 6/7 today. Which in part could have been my clear lack of caffeine pre race. Had a mild headache until my one and only gel at mile 5.5. I only ever gel once at a half and the there were no water stops between miles 6-9. So had to gel early. Luckily didn’t cause any bonking issues.

Sunday- Planned on an easy run but definitely feeling some plantar fasciitis issues in my left foot. So spent my day icing, icing, icing.

Total: 33.3.

3/7-3/13 (A little less than I would have liked for the week but being careful with the foot.)

Monday- 600 meter swim in the A.M. / 7.5 steady state miles at lunch (8:45/mile).

Tuesday- I’m on a roll with Tuesday Trials ruining my running. This also partially my hatred of running in the dark… This evening runner is looking forward to the time change.

Wednesday-800 meter swim in the A.M. Normally I squeeze in lunch time runs but had a meeting today. Ran too soon after lunch and stomach not happy. Attempted speed work cut short. made it through 1 mile @ HMP (7:25), 2×800 at 10k (3:35, 3:30), 3×400… felt like going to puke… maybe under 1:40 on a couple. Ah well.

Thursday- 6.5 steady state miles. 8:45/mile. Nothing exciting.

Friday- Late evening shake out run. 2.6 miles.

Saturday- Nasty, rainy, cold (upper 30s) sufferfest of a 20 miler. 8:55/mile. This was my third training 20 miler ever. While the weather sucked these are actually getting easier and I don’t have pre long run panic attacks any more. I have one more 20 miler this training cycle and the next one will be my 16 mile race simulation.

Sunday0- Nada. A lot of icing and stretching the foot that has some plantar issues.

Total: 42.6.

2016 YTD: 360.5.

I'm a born and grown Ohioian now fully entrenched in the Pacific NW wonderland of Eugene, Oregon working as a family law attorney. I'm training for the Eugene Marathon this Spring and later hoping to attack my early twenty-something PRs in 5k/10k range. I write about track and field news, the BQ dream, and middle distance running.

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