Molasses Training Log – Last half of November, all of December 2015

Hi Salties! I think I’m destined to fall into and out of the Salty runiverse as life dictates and demands; I’m just not a good juggler. And maybe I’ve been a feeling a little bit sheepish since my last training log, when I proclaimed that I had increased my mileage and felt really good and none of my muscles were complaining. And then immediately pulled a hamstring. I wasn’t actually sure it was pulled, it was just kind of sore up the back of my leg, and hurt worse when I ran fast, blah blah blah. Okay, actually it killed when I ran fast.

11/16/15 – 12 x 400m intervals
kept pretty good pace, but damn if my hammy didn’t hurt.

11/18/15 – 6 mile tempo run (2 mi. W/U, 3 mi. tempo, 1 mi. C/D) plus a little bit extra for fun. 7 miles total.

11/19/15 – 5 really slow miles

11/22/15 – 17 of the hardest miles of my life! My fast friend and I were trying out a new route. It was about 8 miles out and back, but we didn’t realize that most of the way back was going to be uphill. And we also didn’t realize that it was going to be a neverending 8 miles. We spent at least three miles telling each other that the car was parked “just around that curve.” At the end, for kicks, we ran really fast down a huge long hill. My hamstring isn’t thanking me.




11/25/15 – 7 easy miles

11/26/15 – 6 miles, 30 seconds per mile faster than yesterday

11/29/15 – 10 miles easy

12/1/15 – 7 miles at a decent effort

12/3/15 – 20 miles

12/7/15 – 2 miles (when was the last time I ran TWO miles?) at a decent effort

12/8/15 – 8 miles slow

12/11/15 – again with the 16 hard miles, minus the hill at the end. We both decided we’ll never run this route for fun, it is strictly a strength training/hard training route.

12/12/15 – 4 miles at a decent effort

12/13/15 – 2 miles at a decent effort

12/15/15 – 6 easy miles

12/20/15 – 10 miles

12/24/15 – 20 miles

And that wraps it up for the year! We left Christmas day to take the kids to Orlando, followed by swimming with manatees. I did sneak in six miles on the treadmill on December 30th. 12466151_10208048807118645_8869482421901553785_o


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