Molasses Training Log – 9.7.2014



These days I feel like I need Hermoine's time-turner in order to find the time to run.
These days I feel like I need Hermoine’s time-turner in order to find the time to run.

Still super-duper low mileage, and still struggling to figure out when I can fit in my runs now that my built-in time is gone from my day. I’ve been doing much shorter runs because I keep feeling life’s other little demands pressuring me even while I’m on the road, but I did fit in two six-milers that I felt pretty good about.  Long story short: I’m still climbing back. Next week I add cross training back in.


Monday (9/1) – After our group run Saturday, we decided to meet Monday morning at 6:00 at the same place to another six miles. I got there, and nobody was there. I texted, and they had decided to meet at 6:30 at a different location. I told them I’d catch them next time, I was already there so I took myself for my first solo-six miler in months. It was dark and I didn’t have a flashlight, so I took it pretty slow for the first couple of miles, until the sun came out. Average pace: 10:06


Wednesday (9/3) – Pretty short on time, just able to knock out a 1.5 mile run, but I held a more respectable pace: 8:13 average.


Friday (9/5) – Met up with a friend who is just getting back into running, and we did 1 minute intervals. Total distance: 2.3 miles. Average pace: 11:13


Saturday (9/6) – Running group! 6.25 miles, average pace 9:43. We took the first couple of miles pretty slow and then picked it up to about a 9:00 pace for the race. The girl I ended up running with is pretty fast (her last marathon was 3:40, she’s got a BQ under her belt, etc.). It was a tough run for me, but really showed me how true it is that you should hang out with people who are more like what you aspire to be…I wouldn’t have pushed myself if I wasn’t running with her. This was the most pleased I have been with a run in a long time.



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