Molasses Training Log – 12.16.2013

I feel good about my training this week. I’ve been really slacking without the kids having soccer practice to keep me on schedule (and accountable to the other soccer moms, who cheer for me and ask if I’m ready yet [for the marathon]). This week, they had “soccer camp” for three consecutive days, and since I’ve convinced myself that I can’t possibly be of any use anywhere else during soccer practice, I got some running in.

English: The ball in the wall at the National ...
English: The ball in the wall at the National soccer hall of fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday (12/16) – Insanity Core Cardio & Balance

Tuesday (12/17) – day 1 of soccer camp. Soccer camp is three hours long. Coincidentally, I need a long run. So, I got in 17.5 miles I was going for 18, but I was too slow and the kids were done so I bailed on the last half mile. I figured at those distances, half a mile probably doesn’t really matter, but…what do you think?

Wednesday (12/18)–ย Feeling pretty good! Not wanting to overdo it, I walked about 3.5 miles during practice and jogged a half mile or so to calibrate my fancy new pedometer watch (thanks, Mom!), then spent about 20 minutes jumping, squatting, hopping, skipping and stretching.ย  I’m certain everybody thought I was crazy.

Thursday (12/19)- Two sets of four reps each of 400s, with a 1:30 recovery between reps and 2:30 between the sets. The Run Less Run Faster training plan I’m (mostly) following says that each rep should be done at a 7:40 pace, and I hit each one faster than goal pace.

Friday (12/20) – Rest

Saturday (12/21) – 8 miles at an average pace of 8:49.

Sunday (12/22) – Insanity Max Interval Circuit. <-this was the hardest workout I did all week.


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