Molasses Training Log – 10.5.14

I have to say it was a good week. I got in four runs and two cross trainings, and I’m feeling like I am back to the point where if I skip more than a day I am pretty miserable. I’m also back to the point where I’m making time to “get a quick run in” even if I know I don’t have the time to fit in a quality workout. It feels really good to know that I am re-building my base, even if it is small.

Monday (9/29) – My BFF sent me a couple of fun cross training workouts this week. The one I did today was “Super-Plyo” roller derby workout. I didn’t love it, I think I prefer P90X plyometrics or Insanity, but then again I only did the first part because I still don’t entirely trust my left ankle.

Tuesday (9/30) – Short trail run during soccer practice. Just under 3 miles, and I had to run just fast enough to keep the mosquitos off of me. They were nasty!

Wednesday (10/1) – 6 miles through the neighborhood, average pace 9:53. I always like it when I break the 10:00 barrier. I’m not a fast runner, so that’s a pretty solid metric for me to know I’m working hard (for me).

Thursday (10/2) – Okay now today’s workout from the BFF is a keeper. This is the single best cross training workout I have ever done. I LOVE it, and highly recommend it. Don’t try it on a rest day and don’t try it on a running day, this workout is a beautiful thing, and deserves a dedicated day all its own.

Friday (10/3) – Slow and easy 2.5 miles through the ‘hood. I set out to do 4 miles, but I stepped on a rock and bruised the bottom of my foot. I turned in early so that I wouldn’t do any more damage before tomorrow morning’s group run.

Saturday (10/4) –  Group run today! I had to turn back early because I had an appointment, but I got in 8 miles overall. It was pretty pitch dark when we started out, the lead and tail runners had headlamps. While we were on the running trail (before we deviated to hit the roads) we passed a couple of folks running in the opposite direction. One of them said hi to me and called me by name. I chirped a good morning back in his direction, but I honestly had no idea who it was. Until that evening, when I got a facebook message confirming that “it was YOU I said hello to this morning on the trail, right?” Turns out, it was a person who I hold in pretty high regard, and someone who gave me a lot of inspiration (even if he doesn’t know it), and turned me on to running under an actual training plan. He was the first “real runner” to ever take notice of me running, he was my first “running friend” outside of high school, and was the first person I ever had to talk running with. Our daughters played soccer together when they were little (we both used to run during soccer practice) and we have remained FB friends and running friends over the years. We’ll never run together, he is much faster than I am, but I have really enjoyed the bit of camaraderie and the loads of self-confidence that he inspired me to find.

Sunday (10/5) – rest day.

Almost 20 miles for the week, and I was only doing 25-30 when I was marathon training (I am a very low-mileage/low-speed runner. It’s just fun). I’ll be glad once I’ve built my regular weekly mileage back up to 20+ consistently, right now it’s hit and miss.

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