Molasses Training Log – 10.25.2015

Monday (10/19) – I bought a book called Running Strong by Dr. Jordan Metzl. The book discusses all sorts of running maladies, and is entertaining and informative. I didn’t really read anything in it that I haven’t read before, though. What I am enjoying is the Iron Strength for Runners workout that’s in the book. Today I just wanted to go through and try each exercise to see what it’s all about. It starts with a quick warmup, 30 seconds of jumping jacks, 30 seconds of squats, and 30 seconds of twisting lunges. Next it goes into jump squats (called “plyometric jump squats” in the book, but I feel like that’s kind of redundant). The workout calls for six sets of 15 reps. I did one set. The workout combines several moves into something called a superset, where you do 15 reps of one move followed by the next and then the next, and repeat the entire set until you’ve been doing it for a total of five minutes. I just did one set of 15 reps for each move today. There are several supersets:
rows from plank, pushups, situps;
plyometric lunges, single-leg toe touches (=single-leg squats);
mountain climbers, legs down (=straight leg raises);
deadlift high pulls, overhead push presses, bicep curls;
After all of these supersets comes burpees (=up/downs). Lots of burpees. The hard ones with the pushup in the middle. The workout calls for four to five sets of 10 each. I did one set of 10.
Because I liked what I had done so far, I went through and did all of it a second time. Then I did the planks and stretches. You’re supposed to also foam roll, but would you believe I don’t have a foam roller? I don’t have a foam roller.

Tuesday (10/20) – Intervals: 5 x 1000 mostly at sub-8:00 pace. Bought a foam roller today.

Wednesday (10/21) – Iron Strength workout again, but not the whole thing yet. I did four sets of the jump squats, the full five minute duration of each super set, and 3 sets of burpees. Used the foam roller. Holy ouch that hurts.

Thursday (10/22) – Tempo run: 1 mile warm up, 4 miles at about 8:23 pace, 1 mile cool down. I ended with the best sprint of my life – one of those when you just sort of open up to full speed and GO without abandon, and a big huge grin on your face. That was pretty awesome. Oh yea, it’s my birthday, and I got some new badass headphones from my badass husband, so that made my run pretty perfect.

Friday (10/23) – Iron Strength workout, did the whole thing. Six sets of jump squats, full durations of all the supersets (which results in doing each superset at least twice), four sets of burpees. Legs and everything else were feeling pretty fried when I went to bed. Should have taken a Tylenol PM but I didn’t.

Saturday (10/24) – A rest day I actually earned!

Sunday (10/25) – 8 miles in the neighborhood with the fast girl. 8:53 average.

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