Molasses Training Log – 10.19.14

This was a good week with some short, intense runs and some cross training that I got in during work. I had one really frustrating day that just pissed me off and fired me up; I feel like I am getting faster (over the short distances) with less muscle fatigue and no DOMS. Although I’m eating plenty, I guess that 15-miler last Sunday was a little more than my body wanted, because it delayed my cycle by about a week.

Tuesday (10/14) – A bit of jogging with the friend who wants to run that marathon in the spring. She just got back from her honeymoon so she’s starting over again. We got in about 2 miles.

Wednesday (10/15) – I tried so hard to get a good track workout in! My daughter’s soccer practice starts at 7:30. I dropped her off and went to the local high school to use their fantastic track. Well, by 7:30 it’s already pretty pitch dark out, and the track lights weren’t on. Not typically a big deal, except there were two males of unknown age –ย could have been high school students, could have been 30 year olds, who knows – hanging out on one side of the track and another one haranguing them from just outside the chain link. I ran a 100, on the opposite side of the track from them, and then went back to the car to get my pepper spray. I ran another 100, but the little hairs on my neck were standing straight up and I felt totally creeped out by these men lurking in the dark, not running. I got back in my car and left. The church across from the soccer fields was having a Wednesday evening service, so the gates were open. There’s a big parking lot with a long straight part that is well lit. I circled the entire facility once, and then just ran intervals back and forth in the parking lot. I was approached after awhile and told that they were closing the gate. Soccer wouldn’t be over for another 45 minutes, but I moved my car across the street and decided to run at the fields. I’ve been avoiding running at these new fields since my daughter changed soccer teams because they are full of mesquite and the thorns can easily pierce right through a running shoe. I did a few laps, then a couple of sprints and some squats, lunges and incline push-ups. In the end I got a halfway decent workout (about 4.5 miles), but it should not be that hard! It’s so frustrating sometimes when there’s not enough daylight, and when you don’t feel safe.

I wish there was this much light on the track Wednesday night!


Thursday (10/16) – Holy crap! I was fired up for speedwork yesterday and I guess I was jonesing from not getting it. My training plan decided that it was time to start intervals (finally) and I had a mile warmup and then 8 two-minute intervals. I kept them pretty strong for the first four repeats (paces: 6:42 for the first one, 7:17 for the next three) but on the fifth I started dry heaving and had to slow way down (told you I’m not fast). That fifth one was at an 8:33 pace, and I was still recovering for number six (8:03) but I came back for the last two (6:54, 7:25). My legs were toasted. Felt pretty great to dominate this workout!

Friday (10/17) – Got a good workout at work today. About 4.5 hours of hiking through some pretty thick stuff (lots of squats necessary to get through) with hills and whatnot, plus a couple of hours of twisting through caves. Drenched in sweat and beat to heck by the end of the day.




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