Molasses Training Log – 10.18.2015

Monday (10/12) – Body pump at the YMCA. They did a new release today, I thought the lunges would kill me. I got home from work to a BIG surprise. My mom came to see me! She moved to Arizonaย a few years ago and hasn’t been back, in fact she’s never even seen the house my family and I built. She’s never met my wolf dog, Nymeria, and she’s never seen the tortoise rescue. Turns out she had been working with my husband for a couple of months in order to orchestrate the surprise. I’m glad I cleaned the house yesterday when I got back from my run! She re-cleaned everything anyway, and already made two chocolate pies by the time I got home from work and discovered her here.

Tuesday (10/13) – Since I didn’t want to take much time away from my visit with my mom, but I also didn’t want to take off my necklace again after Sunday’s near-miss, I opted for a quick in-neighborhood run in place of my regular Tuesday intervals. I chose to do hill repeats – kind of the same as intervals right? – on the back side of the neighborhood. I did something I have never done before…FIVE repeats! I’ve set out to do five before, but until this run I never actually completed it. After the last repeat I just kept going until I was home. Here’s my elevation graph from Run Keeper.

Hill Repeats

Wednesday (10/14) – visiting with mom

Thursday (10/15) – Just two quick miles, so I don’t have to take my necklace off ๐Ÿ˜‰

Friday (10/16) – visiting with mom

Saturday (10/17) – took mom to the airport (boooooo!) and then went fishing. Kayak fishing is a bit of a workout in itself!

Sunday (10/18)Nearly 16 miles, in the neighborhood, listening to an audio book.

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