Molasses Training Log – 10.12.14

It feels so good to be out of my running rut! I think that the key for me was to get back on a training plan. I never knew what I was going to do from day to day, and I wasn’t being very creative coming up with my own workouts. I don’t have a goal race, time, or distance in mind, and that wasn’t helping guide me. Running for fitness is fine and great and I encourage everyone to get out there and do it, but I guess that’s just not enough motivation for me right now. I grabbed a training plan off of RunKeeper – it’s a slow-ish time for a short race (sub-55 10K plan) but it was free and it helps guide my workouts, so when I don’t have a particular run of my own in mind I like to see what RK has in store for me that day. I am finding that I like the shorter runs, too. I can go faster and feel energized but not wiped out by the time I’m finished.

I was really hoping to work in some more great cross training this week, but the weather has just been too perfect. The mornings have been in the high 50s or 60s, not crazy humid….just right! I’m not hardcore, so I don’t like to run when it gets too cold out, or when it’s raining more than a drizzle. I can’t bring myself to do any cross training indoors while the weather is like this, and sitting on a bicycle just doesn’t give me quite the same satisfaction as pounding the pavement.

Monday (10/6) – 3 miles (9:17 average pace) plus 4 x 20s strides. My pacing for the strides was pretty inconsistent (6:44, 7:28, 5:39, 6:23) but I was running a hilly course. The flattest stretch (therefore the truest pace?) was the 7:28. <–disclaimer: I’m not that fast, remember this is only for 20s at a time!

Thursday (10/9) – RK had me down for 4 easy miles, I felt good so I went for 5.5. 9:41 average pace

Sunday (10/12) – I met two friends from my running group, with the plan of doing about 10 miles. They were both having a really hard day, tired, walking a lot, generally not feeling it. We did 8.8 together, at a very slow and easy 10:42 pace (on a beautiful course!) and then I decided to add a little bit more on my own. I planned on adding at least two miles but ended up adding 6.25 at a 9:13 pace, for a total of about 15 miles for the day. It felt really good putting in that kind of distance again, like meeting up with an old friend after a long absence. I still don’t know if I am a long-distance runner, but I definitely know that middle-distance feels great! I might stick with this for awhile, though I’m sure I’ll do another marathon one day when I have more freedom to train.

I pulled this particular picture off the interwebs, but this is a segment of the river that I ran by during Sunday's run. Ain't it grand!?
I pulled this particular picture off the interwebs (thanks,, but this is a segment of the river that I ran by during Sunday’s run. Ain’t it grand!?


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