Mint’s Training Log – Gearing up for Race Week! 4/29/12

Wow!  It is officially race week!  Only six more sleeps until I toe the line for the Wisconsin Marathon!  I am winding down and getting super excited to see what race day will bring.  I have had a very strong training season and I feel prepared to have a break out race.  So, this week, I am focused on rest, clean nutrition, hydration+, carbo-loading, stretching, and mental relaxation.  Hopefully if I can do these things, Mother Nature will do her part as well.

Nearing the end of the path for this training cycle

Training Recap:  Okay, I will admit right upfront that I deviated a little bit from my training schedule this week due to timing and personal preferences.  But that is okay.  When I talked to Coach last week, he said the key was to do what was comfortable these last couple of weeks.  Don’t overdo it.  Don’t under-do it.  I know my body better than anyone and how my tapers usually play out.  So I felt like I had a bit of permission to give and take with my training schedule.  That said, I did complete all of my scheduled workouts.  I just shaved a few minutes here or there so my total running time was about 35 minutes less than scheduled.  With the time logged during my Girls on the Run sessions, it probably ended up a wash, but I don’t record the running I do there.

Here is how week # 2 of my taper panned out:

Monday:  Rest / upper body weights.

Tuesday:  7.2 miles with strength intervals: 4 x 1 mile @ 10 seconds per mile faster than goal marathon pace in the morning / 2.25 miles with my son in the evening.

Wednesday:  Rest (since I ran 2x yesterday) / upper body weights.

Thursday:  9 miles with 8 @ goal marathon pace (7:45).

Friday:  5.3 miles with 5 striders / upper body weights.  My son joined me for just over a mile to shake out his legs before his race.

Yes, I was as excited and geeked out as I appear in this photo! Ready to run an 8K with my 10 year old son

Saturday:  CrazyLegs Classic 8K with my son.  I was so excited for this race and indeed it was awesome, amazing, incredible, fun.  We did a short w/u and c/d, but I did not record it.

Sunday:  10 miles.  My right ankle felt wonky and my hamstrings are crazy tight.   My heart rate was too high.  Fortunately this is familiar for this point in my taper, so I am not worried.  All will improve next week.

Total:  38.8 miles

My mileage is substantially lower this week (I maxed out this season at 67, but was normally near the 60 mile mark), but I also had a few high quality runs.  I am hoping all of this uptempo pacing will make race pace feel very comfortable on Saturday.  Wish me luck!

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Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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