Mint’s Training Log – 4.20.14

Mint and fellow GOTR coaches post-race.  All 3 of us received AG awards and 1 earned a PR!
Mint and fellow GOTR coaches post-race. All 3 of us received AG awards and 1 earned a PR!

Week one of my taper is in the books!

I am getting excited and a bit nervous about my upcoming race.  I guess that is what is supposed to happen when you hit the taper, right?

Monday is my rest day.  I was a bit sore from my 20 miler too.

Tuesday I was scheduled to run 80 minutes with 8 miles at goal marathon pace (8:05-8:15).  I opted to move this pace run to the weekend as I had signed up for a local half marathon and wanted to test the waters during that race at goal race pace.  I ran easy after work and the weather was fabulous.  Even better, it was still light out at 8:00 pm when I finished.  80 minutes / 9 miles / 8:52 pace.

Wednesday I ran before and during Girls on the Run practice.  41 minutes / 4.8 miles / 8:41 pace.

Thursday I had a strength interval workout on tap.  10 minute warm up; 2 x 2 miles @ 7:45 pace; .5 mile recovery and cool down.  It was a beautiful morning, but the workout felt really hard.  It was a bit dejecting, but I sucked it up and got it done.  60 minutes / 7.3 with strength workout + 4 strides / 8:13 average overall pace.

Friday I ran 30 minutes easy.  3.35 miles / 8:57 pace.

Saturday I ran the Parkinson’s Half Marathon.  This race is awesome because the start and finish are less than a half mile from my front door.  My goal was to run at goal race pace, which is anywhere from 8:05-8:23, since I am thinking I’ll be able to run Wisconsin somewhere between a 3:35 and 3:40 pace.  I was fired up and it was a beautiful morning, so of course I went out way too fast.  First mile was 7:42 – ooops.  I decided just to run it by feel and hang on.  Funny how the first several miles at sub-8 pace felt so easy even though it felt brutal trying to hit those paces in my workout on Thursday.  Race day adrenaline is the real deal. 😉  I was wicked stitchy twice during the race, but was able to work through it.  Ended up finishing in 1:45:32 / 8:03 average pace.  Since I am now an old lady (40), that was good enough for an age group award – woot woot!  It was very fun getting out there and definitely confirmed where I thought I was fitness-wise.

Sunday I decided to rest.  I had 45 minutes on the schedule, but if I ran it, I would have been at 45 miles for the week.  I wanted to cut back a little more than that as more taper has always been better for me than less, and given that I peaked only in the low 50s for weekly mileage, I didn’t want to trick my body into thinking I am still in full training mode.

Total: 5 hours / 33 minutes – 39.5 miles

Happy Marathon Monday!

Mindi is a serial marathoner. She is a private practice attorney, wife and mom of two awesome (and super fast) boys, ages 12 and 14. She coaches Girls on the Run and is a big advocate of youth running.

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  1. I have had a hard time hitting midweek tempo pace and then on the weekends I’ll see miles in my long run creeping up close to that pace and it feels way easier. Who knows?! Anyway, great job in the race! Sounds like you’re going to have a great marathon and you might end up surprising yourself! I’d bet you’ll be on the fast end to faster than your goal range 🙂