Marigold’s Training Log – 3.19.18 – 3.25.18

I felt much more on top of my training this past week! But maybe that’s because it was a week before my half marathon and the miles and the intense workouts were getting lower.

Monday: Yoga day. Anyone else make Monday an easy exercise day so they can ease into the week?! Or is it just me?

Tuesday: Speed day. Quarter of a mile warm-up and cooldown along with 7 drills and 1 stride around the indoor track at the YMCA. I ran a 800m at a 9:50 pace, walked for 45 seconds, then did another 800m at a 9:50 pace. Then 4 400m at a 9:26 pace with a 1 minute walk in between. Total of 5.5 miles in 55:43, so an average 10:08 pace.

Wednesday: 30 minute P90X video at home! My fiancée was eating dinner while I did it and was laughing at my pain.

Thursday: 4 mile easy run in 40 minutes.

Friday: Rest day. And then I went to my church’s last fish fry and ate a whole bunch of food and free beer because it was all only $6. So maybe I should have actually gotten a workout in! I felt a little uncomfortable after all of that food.

Saturday: Simple 45 minute strength training. Typical stuff: bench presses, squats, etc.

Sunday: Long run. 7 miles in one hour and 11 minutes. My runs have been faster! I’m hoping that bodes well and not badly for my race on Saturday. I am really hoping to PR, if not break that two hours mark!

I'm an Alabama girl currently living in Kentucky. I'm a middle of the pack runner, although I've finally decided to try to get a little faster. As a Catholic woman, my faith informs most of my life, so I'll be writing about faith and running, with some dashes of mental health and female body topics thrown in.

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  1. That’s a plus 1 on Mondays needing to be chill! I always have my long runs on Sunday, and they take a lot out of me. Good luck on your race on Saturday!