Marigold’s training log – 2.26.18 -3.4.18

I decided to adjust my race goal after my 12 mile run on Sunday. Between work, wedding planning, and side projects, I just didn’t think I could find the time or energy to train for a full marathon, which was my original goal. So now I’m capping my race goals for the year at the half marathon distance, with the hopes of completing my first 10k and speeding up on my 5k runs. Here’s the first training log with those goals in mind. (And, perfectly, my first Salty Running training log.)

Monday: 30 minutes of yoga. I needed it after my long run the day before. Has anyone bent their knees during a downward dog while keeping their heels on the ground? Because it was my first time and wowza. Talk about deep muscle stretch.

Tuesday: Easy 4 mile run, average 10:33 pace, for a total time of 42:09. Split paces 10:03, 10:32, 10:36, 10:57.

Wednesday: I was nonstop all day for work, and then had an evening meeting right after work. I only had time to squeeze in a 30-minute, at-home, total body core workout.

Thursday: Accidental rest day. I wanted to run in the middle of the work day…but work came up. Imagine that.

Friday: Threshold run. I ran 1.5 miles to warm-up at 10:08/mile, then the next two miles were at a 10:14/mile pace. Then one final mile at 10:05/mile. Now I see that my warm-up and cool down were at a faster pace. Weird…

Saturday: PiYo workout. My first time trying it. Anyone ever heard of it?

Sunday: Long run. 5.64 miles in 58 minutes, so a 10:17/mile pace. Splits: 9:54, 10:37, 10:34, 10:13, 9:51, and 10:39.

I'm an Alabama girl currently living in Kentucky. I'm a middle of the pack runner, although I've finally decided to try to get a little faster. As a Catholic woman, my faith informs most of my life, so I'll be writing about faith and running, with some dashes of mental health and female body topics thrown in.

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  1. Loved reading about your training week. I have had to adjust my training goals many times when reality set in. Half marathon is a great distance. Have fun!

    1. Yes! A marathon was just not feasible for me this year. Not because I couldn’t physically. Because I couldn’t mentally or socially!