March Madness 2015: The Greatest US Marathon (that isn’t NYC, CHI or BOS)

This is not the actual trophy. The actual trophy will be much more imaginary. Flickr Commons image by shorts and longs
This is not the actual trophy. The actual trophy will be much more imaginary. Flickr Commons image by shorts and longs

Finally! It’s here! Salty Running’s Third Annual March Madness Tournament. I just know you’ve all been waiting  for it to arrive. In the past this amazing tournament has crowned the greatest woman runner of all time and the best womens running blog, but this year we’re looking to crown the best marathon in the entire United States of America! … that isn’t New York, Chicago or Boston (or any race over 10,000 runners, which also ruled out Philly, Honolulu and a couple of others).

And to up the ante we’re offering you, the Salty readers and voters, a chance to win a special prize!

Yes, the players in this year’s tournament are marathons that have anywhere from 800 participants to over 8,000! Some are big names, but some are lesser known gems. Some might actually suck, some might have an undeserved bad rep and some might be awesome and everyone knows. The best part is not only can you vote for your favorites and against the ones that ran out of mylar blankets or served nasty warm Gatorade, you can also educate us about why the ones you love are awesome and the ones you hate, well, aren’t! Just tell us in the comments. Which brings us to … the reader contest!

The Salty Running March Madness Tournament Readers Contest Rules 

We’ll be giving away a Salty Running tech shirt and some other goodies to two commenters! All you have to do to enter is to comment on any Greatest Marathon Tournament post (any post tagged greatest marathon tournament) and you’ll automatically be entered. We will choose 2 commenters at random to win!  

And for those of you who are interested in playing along with the tournament at home, you can access the bracket spreadsheet here. Get ready to vote! The tournament starts tomorrow with Round I!

Get ready to VOTE!

Vote in Round I now!

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  1. I love this year’s idea! With having just run Napa and loved it, I’m excited to see how it does. And my next marathon, Wineglass (um, theme here?) is also on the list, so I’ll be following it, too!