Maple’s Training Log – 8.7.16

Maple rolling out her achilles

Hi Salty Runners! I hope you all had a great week of training. This week marked Week 10 of training for the Hamilton Marathon. In terms of mileage, I dialled it back due to an achilles issue that surfaced early on in the week. I have been very lucky in the injury department, so this flare up scared me into full rest mode. Training is going well this summer. One week off NOW is better than multiple weeks off closer to race day, due to an injury. I am maintaining fitness by hitting the stationary bike daily.

Monday – 15K @ 5:36 morning run along my favourite route. Most of the city was off for a civic holiday, so the streets were very quiet.

Tuesday – 15K with 3 x 1 hilly mile loops + warm-up and cool-down. As I mentioned, I run on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the OAC Racing Team. Tuesdays in the summer we meet at a nearby park and run a timed hilly mile loops. On the way home, I could feel my achilles acting up. This isn’t good, I thought.

Wednesday – OFF. I decided to take the day off. No sense in pushing my achilles into an injury. Rest is more valuable than the 12K I had planned.

Thursday – 5K @ 6:30 in the morning and 5.9K @ 6:04 in the evening. The day off yesterday was helpful, but I’m still feeling tenderness in my achilles. Ended up completing the warm up with my team in the evening and skipped the planned track workout. Majorly bummed.

Friday – 45 minutes on the stationary bike. Very grateful that there is a stationary bike in my building. Sticking to this for the rest of the week. These workouts helped the time pass by.

Saturday – 1.5 hours on the stationary bike. 

Sunday – 45 minutes on the stationary bike.

Total: 41.9K

Focusing on recovery for the next week. Remaining positive.

14 weeks until the Hamilton Road 2 Hope Marathon!

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I'm a Canadian runner with a knack for training in frigid temperatures and completing 20 milers on the treadmill. I'm currently training for a spring marathon, with the goal of Boston Qualifying. Outside of running, I work in public policy and can often be found cross-stitching or being talked out of adopting another cat.

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