Maple’s Training Log – 7.17.16

Talking goal-setting and running

Hi Salty Runners! I hope you all had a great week of running and summer fun. This week marked Week 4 of my 20 week training plan for the Hamilton Marathon. In terms of mileage, I used Week 4 as a bit of a rest week. Especially at the beginning of training cycles, I try to ease my way into higher mileage weeks by stepping back in mileage every 4-6 weeks or so. I also continued with my strength training and got to my HIIT class twice this week (still sore!).

Monday – 12K @ 5:22 in the morning. HIIT class in the evening (45 minutes).

Tuesday – 11K 5:46. I left work late and could tell this run was going to be a bit of a struggle fest. I had 15K planned, but decided to do 11K. So hot and humid! I was watching bikers go by and wished I was biking to have some breeze.

Wednesday – HIIT class in the evening (45 minutes). The workout was three rounds of a 45 second x 8 stations circuit, with lots of burpees.

Thursday – 11.6K with (3 x 400m, 1200m, 3 x 400m) + warm-up and cool-down. My times looked like this: (3 x 400m – 1:37, 1:33, 1:35) (1200m – 4:52) (3 x 400m – 1:34, 1:24, 1:28). The goal is to be faster in final intervals.

Friday – 6K with 10 minute run 1 minute walk. I was invited to speak at a run clinic about goal-setting. Afterwards, the group ran 6K along the river.

Saturday – 19.8K with 1600m x 8, with one minute rest in between + warm-up and cool-down. I ran this with one of my teammates who is also training for a fall marathon. My mile repeats looked like this: 6:48, 7:02, 7:04, 8:12 (1700m, watch messed up), 6:45, 7:07, 7:24, 7:16.

Sunday – REST.

16 weeks until the Hamilton Road 2 Hope Marathon!

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I'm a Canadian runner with a knack for training in frigid temperatures and completing 20 milers on the treadmill. I'm currently training for a spring marathon, with the goal of Boston Qualifying. Outside of running, I work in public policy and can often be found cross-stitching or being talked out of adopting another cat.

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  1. I’m sure everyone loved your talk about goal setting!! Nice training week, and man 45 seconds of burpees…over and over sounds like…barf. Kudos to you for that, haha I hate those!