Mango’s training log, September 17 and September 24

Notice how my log for the week ending September 17 is late? Yeah. This entire fortnight was a cluster. Busiest time of the year at work. Everything marked ‘urgent’. Nonstop tasks from 8am to 5pm and often beyond dinner. It’s not always like this; I had slow weeks in the summer, too, and luxuriated in those.

Week ending September 17

Monday – lunchtime: 2 miles errand-run. Evening: Track – 2 mile warmup, 7(400m @ 5k pace, 800m @ marathon pace, continuous) — nailed paces on this one!!!
Tuesday – 2 miles to/from pool, 30 min pool run
Wednesday – 7.1 miles easy
Thursday – off
Friday – 2 miles treadmill, 30 min pool run
Saturday – 15 miles (you know it’s peak phase when you look at your plan and think, “Oh – only 15 miles!”)

Swampfest, complete with fog and actual former swamp

Sunday – 3.5 miles easy

Week ending September 24

Here is where it blew up.

Monday – rest (exhaustion)
Tuesday – early morning: Dragged self to building’s exercise room. 1.5 mile slog. Decided to can it and walk 1.4 miles on treadmill at 13% incline.

That’s still kind of a workout, right?

Wednesday – AM: 3 miles elliptical. Why elliptical – because you can’t work and run on the treadmill at the same time. PM: Track – 2 mile warmup, 30min steady state (3.5 miles), rest, 1min all out
Thursday – rest (again, complete mental exhaustion)
Friday – 5 miles easy
Saturday – 18 miles, stomach trouble the whole time
Sunday – Redemption run! 5.3 miles including last 2 miles where I was just running purely for joy. You know that feeling. It’s the middle miles of a half marathon, with the sun shining, a breeze in your hair, bounding along, feeling the earth return to you all the energy you give to it. That’s the exact feeling I want to recapture for the marathon. THAT.

As of today, four weeks to the Baystate Marathon. I will make it, I just have to pace myself and take it one day at a time.

Currently eating: Chicken pot pie, even though it is honestly too hot for chicken pot pie. This is the thing about New England. It’ll be hot, hot, hot, actually fall for approximately two weeks, and then winter.

Currently reading: Tom Foreman, ‘My Year of Running Dangerously’; Ron Lieber, ‘The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous and Smart About Money’

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  1. Ohhhhhh I REALLY like the idea of that 400(5k pace)/800(MP) workout! I have done wave tempos in the past but not
    quite like that (typically alternated btw marathon and half marathon for 1 mile/1 mile)….I may have to try that workout!!

    How do you like ‘My year of running Dangerously’ so far? I had that on my maybe list…

    1. It was an interesting workout for sure! Trains your body to control the pace when you’ve gone out too fast.

      ‘My Year of Running Dangerously’ is good. It’s pretty funny, and a thoughtful look at the role that running plays in his family & work life, but really should come with a warning: kids, don’t try this at home. (Also, I suspect the couch-to-marathon story might have been exaggerated for narrative purposes.)