Mango’s Training Log – 3.5.17

Observant readers might notice 1) that this training log is late, as usual, and 2) the ‘Providence Half’ is missing.This is because I’m seriously contemplating racing an impulse half (New Bedford) on March 19 with my running group – we’re trying to field scoring teams for the USATF NE Grand Prix. At this point I honestly feel like I could roll out of bed and race a half, perhaps not very hard, but I’d be quite happy finishing it in the ballpark of just under 2 hours.

Despite diligently reading all the Treadmill Tips of the Week, I am less and less thrilled about being relegated to an exercise room the size of a ship's galley as the winter wears on

I’m still definitely doing Providence, just … trying to think about my racing plans for the year!At the same time, I’m struggling with some impostor syndrome. I feel like I’d be the slowest person there. Like I don’t really belong in a racing team. Like I’d be an embarrassment to the team. Someone talk me down, please.All miles easy (9:30 to 10:30) unless otherwise indicated.

Monday 2/20 – President’s Day, no daycare, no work, no running, went on an adventure with kid instead (Eataly at the Prudential for antipasti, pasta, and gelato…the highlight of his trip was the bus ride)

Tuesday 2/21 – 3.5 miles

Wednesday 2/22 – 5 miles

Thursday 2/23 – 6.5 miles

Friday 2/24 – off

Saturday 2/25 – 7 miles of my planned 10-mile long run. Ran out of time on treadmill before other life stuff had to happen – grocery shopping, laundry, etc.

So on Sunday (2/26) I ran another 7 miles for sort of a back-to-back.

Total: 29 miles (ugh so close)

Monday 2/27 – Body Sculpt class

Tuesday 2/28 – speedwork…ish…coming back into a headwind. 1.5 mi warmup, 4x (4 min @ 8:00-8:15, 3 min easy), 2 mi cooldown, about 7 miles total

Wednesday 3/1 – off

Thursday 3/2 – 4 miles: the run from hell.

So I hate my body. But not for the reasons you’d imagine. I hate it because sometimes, just sometimes, it seizes up and refuses to do the things I would like it to do. Such as move.
Thursday was positively arctic. 30F with 25 mph winds. Nothing I hadn’t survived before, and certainly nothing really out of the ordinary for a New England winter.

Three miles into my planned six-miler, my right calf decided to cramp. There I was, hopping up and down at a traffic light, swearing under my breath and trying to stretch it out. Then my hamstring went TWANG and joined the party as well.

At this point I was three miles from home, and a mile from a bus route I knew would get me home. I set off hobbling down the road towards the bus stop, and right as I reached the bus stop, I saw my bus pulling away, whereupon I retreated to the coffee shop next door and basically sat there crying and texting friends while nursing a coffee. To add insult to injury their espresso machine was broken. The nerve!

I still have no real answer to why I cramped up – not enough sleep, not enough salt, too cold and not warmed-up enough, who f’ing knows.

Friday 3/3 – x-train, 30 minutes, bike.
Another arctic day. I got on the treadmill and my right leg, which was still sore from the cramp madness of the day before, had forgotten how to run. I decided bad things would happen if I carried on, so I got on the stationary bike instead.

Saturday 3/4 – 120 minutes, treadmill, distance unknown.
The treadmill in my apartment building is so out of whack, it thought I was running 12-minute miles. Time to calibrate it!
Post-long-run strength work: removing 2xu compression socks. More sweating was involved in sock removal than in the entire long run.

Sunday 3/5 – x-train 30 minutes, elliptical

Total: 11 miles + 120 minutes run, 1 Body Sculpt class, 30 min bike, 30 min elliptical, 1 pair compression socks, foam rolling, stealing toddler’s rubber ball to massage feet, 1 episode of St Vitus’ freakin’ cramps.

Tropical transplant to the chilly Northeast. Professional writer and researcher, cantankerous editor, mom to two! inquisitive children, asker of inconvenient questions.

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  1. There’s an Eataly at the Pru!?!?!?! Keep an eye on your hydration levels, lady! I hate those kind of cramps. Hang in there — spring is coming!

  2. You’re not an imposter, but I totally understand the feeling! I’m often the slowest one in a group. Once I was invited to be part of a team running a 10k that had a team scoring option. The only reason I went was because the top three score, and I would be the 4th runner so it wouldn’t matter. To my surprise, I was the third girl on our team to finish! So you never know. Just do it and have fun!