Mango’s training log – 3.19.17

What a week. A blizzard, some tapering, lots of eating, and a semi-impulse half marathon!

Still definitely not spring.

Monday 3/13 – Warmup, 4x2000m at 8:15-8:30 mile pace, 200m shuffle jog in between, cooldown. 7.5 miles.

My running club’s workouts for our little Monday night distance group, the half marathoners and marathoners, are getting increasingly hardcore. I totally realise this is just the buildup to Boston and the other spring marathons that many people are doing. But it’s tough to do a tempo run faster than my PR HM pace…and still finish the set dead last, alone.

Distance coach tried to teach us to drink on the run (grab paper cup with both hands, use one hand to pinch all but a tiny spout, hold cup laterally like —- instead of |, cover tiny spout with mouth and gulp). Alas, I failed miserably. Luckily there is no photo of me accidentally pouring water up my nose.

Tuesday 3/14 – off to enjoy Blizzard Stella from the comfort and safety of my own apartment. Also Pi Day, so we made pizzas for dinner along with a pumpkin cheese tart.

Wednesday 3/15 – 2.5 miles in between work, making dinner, and kid pickup

Thursday 3/16 – 5.4 miles

Friday 3/17 – off and a delicious lunch (plus wine!) with husband and friends for Restaurant Week

Saturday 3/18 – 3 miles with stroller as shakeout run/ ambling around downtown Boston. Ran to library. Discovered 1. kid asleep in stroller 2. that I’d forgotten my library card and photo ID. Doh! Felt compelled to drop in to Marathon Sports and the bookstore. Kid woke up, immediately found one of the books that had been on my shopping list for him, and we spent the next hour reading/ running around the Barnes & Noble children’s section. (My book budget is extreeeemely flexible. But sshh! He doesn’t need to know yet.) Then we shared a great big salad, some bread, and gelato. Fun: A+. Shakeout run effectiveness: A. Cost: B-.

Sunday 3/19 mini race report – New Bedford Half Marathon.

TL;WR version – it was windy, I mean WINDY. Matched half PR but missed it by eight seconds in completely crap conditions.

Slightly longer version – This was part of the USATF NE Grand Prix series. I did it with my running group to make up the numbers for a women’s team. Fortunately we ended up with five women running (four of whom are faster than I am!) and came in 17th out of 34 teams.

The weather was chilly, overcast and windy. I decided on a long-sleeved shirt under my t-shirt and was pretty glad of it, despite being a card-carrying member of Overheaters Anonymous. Miles 1-9 were a normal sort of blustery, and I managed to hold the paces I’d hit in training. Then we hit the Mile 9 marker and rounded a corner onto the oceanfront…where gale-force winds awaited.

For the next two miles I felt like I was running in place. Or perhaps backwards. Then backwards, while trying to scale a hill. You get the…er…drift.  I glanced at my watch. 10:00 miles. At mile 12 I thought to myself, “YOU’VE COME TOO FAR TO WALK NOW”. I finished eight seconds away from my half PR, totally spent, and straggled off to the pub where my teammates were waiting with food and beer.

I had no expectations for this half except ‘do my best’, and that’s what it turned out to be. In a sense it was totally refreshing to have signed up so late – I basically had no time to be anxious about racing.

Total: 31.1 miles.

Tropical transplant to the chilly Northeast. Professional writer and researcher, cantankerous editor, mom to two! inquisitive children, asker of inconvenient questions.

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  1. I laughed a lot at this log! Kudos for hanging in there with the training group, I know it’s been disheartening at times. It’ll be interesting to see if it chills after Boston. And, nice race! While it’s a bummer to be that close to a PR, you should feel good that you would’ve totally nailed it without the wind!

    1. I bet it will. Less than a month, and I’m so excited for all my friends who are running Boston! And thanks – I had a feeling I could match my PR at New Bedford, and I was right. Let’s see if I can pull it off at Providence in May!

  2. Great week Mango! I was just in Boston for a workshop and am so impressed with you running in gale-force winds. As a fellow member of the slowest-in-the-group club, I totally hear you on the finishing dead last business. However, I still think it’s awesome you’re doing your thang and love that running lets us all go at whatever personal goals we have 🙂

    1. Thanks! 🙂 heh, I just chug along. I thought about dropping the running group, but it IS actually meeting my running needs, and I like the people too much!

  3. I totally suck at drinking out of the cups during races. Anytime i try and drink while running i feel like I almost drowned myself.