Mango’s training log, 10.15.17.

Baystate Marathon training log, weeks 15, 16, and 17 of 18. 

Husband has been travelling for a month and gets back two days before the marathon. This month I’ve worked anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day, and had to get *extremely* creative to fit the runs in. I’ve relied on our wonderful daycare and a lovely network of friends and neighbours and playdates and lots of late nights of work to get stuff done and to get some adult company. (Seriously, it’s like Hops was in my head writing her post about the #motherrunner myth. Hi!)

One week to go now. I just looked at my training log and it’s at nearly 630 miles now this cycle – nothing spectacular, just steady and consistent bits of work. I didn’t miss a long run. The hay is in the barn. This training cycle hasn’t been ideal — there is no universe in which a combined five weeks of solo parenting during a marathon training cycle is ideal — but it’s…there. Done.

Right now, I don’t have time or energy to waste worrying about anything beyond my control. I’ve trained through summer. I’ve finished marathons when it’s 85F out and 85% humidity. I do spectacularly better when it’s cold. If it’s hot, I’ll carry water; if not, I won’t. I can do this. I am enough.

One week more. One day at a time.

Week ending October 1 

Monday 9/25 – Last evening group track workout for a while. 2 miles warmup, 3 mi @ HM, 3min rest, 2mi @ 10K-HM, 3 min rest, 1 mi @ 10K. I managed to pull a 7:55 mile out of my patootie for the last mile.
Tuesday 9/26 – 4 miles easy
Wednesday 9/27 – off
Thursday 9/28 – Long run day. 5 miles at lunch, 10 on the treadmill at night with a neighbour over to watch kid as he slept (treadmill is in apartment building exercise room).
Friday 9/29 – 3.5 miles easy, errands
Saturday 9/30 – off. Kid and I were very productive this rainy day: laundry, baking, playdates, movie.
Sunday 10/1 – 5.8 miles with stroller.

Week ending October 8

Monday 10/2 – Solo lunchtime track workout. 2 miles warmup, 4x(1600m @ 9:00/ 3 min rest).

the track, by the way, is a very lonely place without the group and when it’s 80 degrees out.

Tuesday 10/3 – 5.7 miles easy
Wednesday 10/4 – Ran all my errands. Gym to renew membership. Ordered small amount of stuff online for pickup at Target. Ran to Target. Ran to grocery store. Walked home with heavy fragile perishables (aka eggs and milk). 5.4 miles.
Thursday 10/5 – 10 miles
Friday 10/6 – rest
Saturday 10/7 – 5.4 miles easy with stroller, with generous rest stop to watch special diggers working on a rail line over a bridge
Sunday 10/8 – Ran to pool the long way round for kid swim lesson. 1.6 miles.

Week ending October 15

Monday 10/9 – Daycare was closed for the public holiday. I hate rainy days. When it’s sunny out, we stroller-run. On rainy days we are reduced to sitting indoors, watching movies, and having wild-rumpus playdates. Technically we *could* run outdoors, but since the point of my stroller-running is to look for trucks and ducks/ run to a playground / run errands, running in the rain is extremely underwhelming for everyone involved.
Tuesday 10/10 – 5 miles easy
Wednesday 10/11 – full day of work and meetings. no running
Thursday 10/12 – 8.5 miles
Friday 10/13 – 3.7 miles
Saturday 10/14 – 2.9 miles
Sunday 10/15 – 2.1 miles

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  1. You are so ready, and I feel like some of my better races/training cycles came from ones where I had to be creative to get runs in, where things weren’t going according to plan and had to adjust. Maybe it’s mental…like I had to adjust to so much during training that I could easily adjust to anything that happened on race day.