Mango’s pregnancy untraining logs 3/19 to 4/8

Mango’s pregnancy untraining log, 4/2 to 4/8 (Week 21-22)

Monday 4/2 – lower body squats workout
Tuesday 4/3 – went to exercise room in evening – both the treadmill and elliptical were occupied so I ended up doing a spin workout on the bike. No one ever wants the poor stationary bike except in the dead of winter, as it languishes next to the heater so that your left ankle feels somewhat scorched by the end of your ride. Everything in this building is the size of a postage stamp; the exercise room contains exactly one (1) treadmill, one (1) elliptical and one (1) stationary bike, and is configured so that the person on the treadmill can basically look over and see the resistance at which the person on the bike is cycling. On the VERY BIG plus side, it is IN THE BUILDING.
Wednesday 4/4 – nil (I forget why. Work? Freezing rain? Both? Something like that?)
Thursday 4/5 – Exercise room again. Elliptical for 20 minutes then run for 10 minutes when the person on the treadmill finished.
Friday 4/6 – off
Saturday 4/7 – Ran with friend during naptime, 3.5 miles
Sunday 4/8 – Upper body workout followed by a short run in the AM, 4-ish miles

Verdict: Work and weather conspired this week to prevent me running outside most of the week – grr. Is it spring yet? I’m also definitely slowing down, and all my runs are on the far end of my Hansons (non-pregnant) ‘easy’ pace (for me, in the 11:00-12:00/mi range). I don’t feel the slightest bit out of breath – rather, it’s something about the way my weight (hello, extra 15 pounds), my gait or my centre of gravity is changing, such that it actually takes more effort to move my legs forward. When I don’t feel like running continuously, I do walk/jog/run intervals by effort. I figure by summer I’ll be spending a decent amount of time pool running. Or really, just floating from one end of the pool to the other.

Pregnancy craving of the week: Do not, I repeat, do not ever attempt to come between a pregnant lady and her boba tea. That is all.


Mango’s pregnancy untraining log, 3/26 to 4/1 (Week 20-21)

Monday 3/26 – very boring Aaptiv maternity circuit workout
Tuesday 3/27 – walk-commute, 2 mi
Wednesday 3/28 – walk-commute, 2.5 mi; evening 3mi run. I went to track later that evening for a pretend workout! 0.5mi up, 0.5mi down, 2×1600 @MP on 2min rest, a lot of shooting the breeze with friends as everyone finished their real workout.
Thursday 3/29 – walk-commute, 2 mi

when you end up at the coffee shop at 6am because you’ve been awake for 1.5h and might as well start the day off with a mini run, right?

Friday 3/30 – AM: Kid woke up at 4.30am for the day. After an hour of trying to get him back to sleep, I packed him into the stroller and went for a run. 2 mi + long coffeeshop/ bagel interlude. Lunchtime: ran errands, 2.5mi.
Saturday 3/31 – Ballet class while kid was in his dance class. So rusty. So sore.
Sunday 4/1 – Family stroller run/ walk (with mid-run pause for kid ‘fishing’ by the river – it is a truth universally acknowledged that small children will always find the very largest sticks and puddles in any given outdoor area), 3.8 miles. Then off to Easter dinner with family!

Verdict: Well, I did manage to do a little teeny tiny bit of something every day this week.

Currently reading: What Happened, by Hillary Rodham Clinton. All the feels. I had to take this a few pages at a time.


Mango’s pregnancy untraining log, 3/19 to 3/25 (Week 19-20)

Monday 3/19 – off
Tuesday 3/20 – ran all my errands. 4 miles
Wednesday 3/21 – off, still feeling questionable. Probably routine pregnancy-related crud: fatigue, etc.
Thursday 3/22 – Aaptiv maternity programme lower body workout (sort of like myrtls and barre had a love child); 30ish minutes of treadmill walk/ jog/ run intervals, 2.5 miles. (Note: I’ve been around long enough to do this by effort, but the ‘jog’ bits were something like my Hansons recovery to easy pace and the ‘run’ bits something like my Hansons long run to marathon pace.)
Friday 3/24 – sluggish 4ish miles
Saturday 3/25 – 5.6 miles outside with a friend
Sunday 3/26 – 3.6 miles, combination of treadmill and elliptical. From the department of mildly questionable but mostly harmless life decisions: I looked at Strava (why did I do that?!) and realised that I had 3.6 miles to go to make it 20 miles for the week, which may be my highest pregnancy mileage…ever. (I am not a mileage beast at the best of times, and spent a lot of my first pregnancy on the spin bike rather than running.) Naturally, I had to make it a round (and getting rounder – ha ha) number, and also figured I would feel less sluggish if I moved a bit, so I noodled along with a few podcasts for a while. Finished off with an Aaptiv-guided stretching sesh.

Verdict: Am getting my $’s worth out of Aaptiv. Also, I can feel my running gait changing a little – less bounce, more shuffle – and my calves are getting awfully tight. Need to stretch and roll more.
WTF pregnancy craving of the week: McDonald’s chicken nuggets. I haven’t had these in years! I did the most logical thing I could think of: walked a mile to the McD’s, picked up some nuggets, swung by the library, got a few books, went home, ate and read. Sweet and sour sauce is still delicious.
Currently reading: Jennifer Egan, ‘Manhattan Beach’. I enjoyed it, although midway through I had a moment where I thought ‘These plotlines seem a little disjointed. Is there a point to all this?’ Yes. Yes, there is.

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  1. I haven’t started ‘what happened’ yet. I need to but for some reason I’ve been procrastinating.

    LOL to chicken nuggets, I remember texting B one day while pregnant and all I said was “CHICKEN WINGS”…guess what we did that night for dinner?

  2. When I was running through pregnancy, my calves were the spot that gave me the most problems! I never had back or pelvic pains but my calves would scream!

  3. Ohmigosh, I love reading your training logs! Have you read “The Power” by Naomi Alderman yet? It’s heavy. Maybe, actually, not the best thing for a pregnant mom of a son to read, but very thought provoking, and sort of an antidote to “What Happened”. I’m very impressed with the balance you’ve been able to pull off of strength and cardio. My gait got so off after the first trimester with both kids I was on walking-only (thanks pelvic girdle pain! hate you too!) for most of my pregnancies. But anyway, if baby wants nuggets, baby wants nuggets. And thanks for keeping up with the logs- srsly.

    1. Aw, thanks! Oh, ‘The Power’ is on my list! Or rather, I’m on the wait list at the library. I’m something like #126 on the hold list so it might be August before I ever get to read it… as for strength and running, I do feel lucky that my body has been amenable this time round, so I’m enjoying running while running remains enjoyable.