Mango’s pregnancy untraining log, 4/23 to 5/20

Hi everyone! This week you get four weeks for the price of three. That’s because one of those weeks is basically empty, like expensive filler air at the top of a bag of chips (no, Frito-Lay, I’m not totally bitter). Analysis reveals a bunch of walking these past weeks. Sunshine, fresh air, podcasts, multitasking with errands – it looks like a lot, but includes the errands I’d normally run and commuting I’d normally do. And definitely not enough strength work. (What? Getting up and down from the mat is a pain. I am a lazy person.)

Week 24-25

Monday 4/23 – walk (errands) 2 miles
Tuesday 4/24 – run/walk with kiddo, 2.5 miles
Wednesday 4/25 – run/ shuffle at track, total 4 miles.
Thursday 4/26 – walk commute, 3 miles
Friday 4/27 – off
Saturday 4/28 – Ballet class. Then chased kiddo and friends around the park, followed by hotdogs and ice cream
Sunday 4/29 – errand run/walk, 4 miles

Week 25-26

Monday 4/30 – off (sick)
Tuesday 5/1 – Aaptiv maternity strength workout, 25 minutes
Wednesday 5/2 – run/ shuffle around the track, 2.5 miles
Thursday 5/3 – off
Friday 5/4 – swim, 30 minutes
Saturday 5/5 – ballet class
Sunday 5/6 – off

Week 26-27

Monday 5/7 – walk to/ from lunch, 3 miles
Tuesday 5/8 to Sunday 5/13 – absolutely nothing. I was working 14-16-hour days at a conference. We might have walked around the conference centre and to and from a couple of other venues, but that was it. I flew home super late on Friday night. On Saturday and Sunday, I SLEPT and we did a few family things (it was Mother’s Day after all) and I attempted to get over the cold I’d brought home.

Week 27-28

Monday 5/14 – short Aaptiv run/walk plus some errands – 5 miles total
Tuesday 5/15 – off
Wednesday 5/16 – walk commute, 2 miles
Thursday 5/17 – walk to dr appointment and back, 2 miles
Friday 5/18 – Aaptiv strength workout (lots of wall sits), run/walk 1.5 miles
Saturday 5/19 – Spent all day prepping for son’s birthday party, wrangling about 20 toddlers and their families in our rain location (20 kids indoors gets LOUD), and cleaning up thereafter.
Sunday 5/20 – Kid woke up super early and I ran/ walked 3 miles with him (roundtrip) to get coffee and breakfast. Later, walked 2 miles to brunch with some girlfriends – trying to take advantage of this one kid/ no diapers/ low-maintenance life for the next few months. I know what’s coming! Total for the day, 5 miles.

At this point (start of 3rd trimester, yikes!) I’ve switched from the belly band to the Gabrialla support belt, plus heavy-duty cushioned shoes (the NB 1080). I also found a 2min walk/ 3min run ratio is most comfortable right now, after playing around with various combinations.



I thought I’d list a few runners and other information sources I’ve been following or reading through this pregnancy:

First, the Salty Running brain trust. Plenty of us have been runners while in the kid-having stages, including Salty, Parsley, Licorice, Barley, Turmeric, and Avocado. These few alone give you a taste of how different one person’s approach can be from another. Salty ran through most of three pregnancies; Parsley comes from a very high-level running background and scaled back accordingly; Barley switched to lower-impact activity early on; and Licorice, Avocado and Turmeric, like me with my first pregnancy, were somewhere in between.

Other sources of info and/or fun:

SarahFit (Sarah Dussault), a fitness instructor whom I find refreshingly honest about pregnancy and postpartum movement; bonus – she’s currently expecting her second kid, and teaches a mom-and-baby fitness class that’s local to me

Lindsey Hein (who is on her fourth baby so she definitely knows what she’s talking about when she says every pregnancy is different and to listen to your body when it comes to running).

Celeste Goodson ofย Recore Fitness, a certified pre-and-post-natal trainer who teaches women how to recondition their core after giving birth.

Tropical transplant to the chilly Northeast. Professional writer and researcher, cantankerous editor, mom to two! inquisitive children, asker of inconvenient questions.

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  1. I couldn’t figure out what the weeks were at first! I thought, is she counting weeks of the year? Is this some kind of extra-lengthy training cycle? Then it all came back to me! Pregnancy weeks, of course! I wasn’t running yet when I had my kids and I can hardly fathom running while pregnant, but yes, take advantage of the lull between the storms, for sure!

  2. 20 kids? Lady! As I like to say “No one ever said, I wish there were more kids at this birthday party!”.

    Way to go on keeping active and sane!