Mango’s pregnancy untraining log 2/26 to 3/18

When last we left off, I had instituted two goals for myself the following week: one, move and eat in ways that made me feel good each day, and two, do more strength workouts. Did I make it? Read on…

2/26 to 3/4 (Weeks 16-17)

Monday 2/26 – rest

Tuesday 2/27 – Aaptiv full-body strength workout

Wednesday 2/28 – Lunchtime: easy 1.6 miles. Evening: Track! 0.5mi up, 4x(800m at HM effort, 200@5K effort), 0.5mi down. I plan to keep going to track as long as I can: it’s a small but not insignificant part of my social life! Plus it feels good, amid all the walking and easy running, to mix things up once a week. Even if I’m not hitting my old paces, I don’t really expect myself to, and no one’s putting any pressure on me to do it.

Thursday 3/1 – Errand-walk. 1.5 miles

Friday 3/2 – Treadmill incline walk followed by Aaptiv lower body strength workout. 1.6 miles

Saturday 3/3 – Walk/ run with stroller and kid (it adds up, I’m counting it!). Home to subway, subway to destination, destination to subway… (break in the middle for a looong stroller-nap during which I sat in Starbucks and read)… walk home. 3 miles total. I could probably have walked all the way home from our morning playdate, but kiddo wanted to ‘go on the train’. ~3 miles of fast walking/ slow jogging.

Which reminds me of a fun little running + life hack, solo parent edition: Over the summer, while solo parenting on the weekends, I used to run with kiddo to friends’ neighbourhoods or houses for playdates. I’d pack snacks for both of us and a change of clothes for myself, and if I wasn’t running home again I’d change or shower at their houses while the kids played together.

Sunday 3/4 – Sunshine and 6 miles

Verdict: More strength work than last week!
Notable pregnancy cravings of the week: I ate an embarrassing amount of cheese, and also made this tofu pad thai with sunflower seed butter swapped out for peanut butter, and roasted sunflower seeds for crunch instead of peanuts (kiddo is allergic).

3/5 to 3/11 (Weeks 17-18)

Monday 3/5 – Boring, deeply unsexy treadmill run. 3 miles

Tuesday 3/6 – Walked to and from my coworking space. 2 miles roundtrip

Wednesday 3/7 – rest (attempted to walk home from meeting, but it was raining and then snowing sideways. Mission aborted)

Thursday 3/8 – 45 minutes on spin bike instead of treadmill due to some sort of mystery heel bruising. Probably not running-related, and it went away within a couple of days – honestly, I’m just clumsy.

Resigned to the spin bike.

Friday 3/9 – rest

Saturday 3/10 – Failed run that became a walk/run, mostly walk, due to fatigue and round ligament pain. 3.3 miles.

Sunday 3/11 – 2nd trimester running is so weird. Some days you have zero energy, and the very next day the stars align, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you’re bouncing off the walls. 5 miles.

Verdict: Strength work was apparently a complete fail, but I did remember to take my prenatal vitamins every day and I met girlfriends for ramen (the fancy kind) on Wednesday night, in a snowstorm! This was a pretty busy week with meetings and doctor’s appointments and not much time for anything else.

WTF pregnancy craving of the week: Penang-style chendol. Did not make, too much work. Trust my body to crave something that’s basically unavailable on this continent. Hence the ‘WTF’.


3/12 to 3/18 (Weeks 18-19)

Monday 3/12 – Errand run, 2 miles. Squats workout while making dinner

Tuesday 3/13 – Snow day! followed by a bunch of foam rolling to even out the soreness from snow day toddler-chasing

(s)no(w) country for short legs. did somebody say snow day?

Wednesday 3/14 – off

Thursday 3/15 – 10 minutes of stretching/ yoga in the morning. Walked home from work, 3 miles, with a pitstop in Chinatown on the way for onigiri and iced tea.

Friday 3/16 – Had a long night and early start yesterday/ today for work, and the afternoon was slower. Accidentally worked out twice today: Went on the elliptical at lunchtime to clear my head and recover from the intensity of work the last few days. Then, after work, a neighbour texted to ask if I wanted to run, and I never turn down a run with friends! 3.5 miles elliptical, 3+ miles run, all easy

Saturday 3/17 – off

Sunday 3/18 – Aaptiv maternity program full-body workout, 30 minutes

Verdict: this week was pretty intense work-wise, so it was correspondingly low-key in terms of movement. If I can’t do anything else, at least I can usually walk or run a mile or two, either for errands or commuting, and I find it really helps clear my head after work.
Notable pregnancy craving of the week: Onigiri (Japanese rice balls). Tiny human #2 is a demanding one, and on Thursday they (he? she?) wanted rice balls. Husband and tiny human #1 also love these, so I planned my walking commute to stop by the Chinatown bubble tea shop that sells them, and picked up some extra for the whole family ๐Ÿ™‚


Goals for the next fortnight or so: 2x Aaptiv strength sessions, 4x some sort of cardio (run, walk, elliptical) – preferably outdoors, but at this point it feels like spring will never arrive in the Northeast! I feel like it’s even more essential to keep up with the strength work during pregnancy as my ligaments get looser and my body prepares for delivery (and I prepare to carry more weight, first as part of me and then literally toting a wriggly 7-10lb weight around much of the time).

Tropical transplant to the chilly Northeast. Professional writer and researcher, cantankerous editor, mom to two! inquisitive children, asker of inconvenient questions.

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  1. I always enjoy reading how you fit it in, get the stroller time with little one even if just to from train station etc. Also YES to squats etc while cooking dinner. I do calf raises and stretches a lot while I’m standing at the stove!

    At this point, I’m wondering if there will be spring by the time I’m in Boston meeting up with you! Goodness, I’m over it!

    1. Ugh, yes! I’m so over winter. I’m wondering if there will be a spring this year or if we’ll just segue straight into summer sometime around June…

    1. Haha, I promise they taste better than they sound! The next time you encounter a Singaporean or Malaysian restaurant, check the menu’s dessert section and try the chendol!