Mango’s pregnancy untraining log 2.19.18 and 2.25.18

Hello again, energy! It’s nice to have you back, along with not worrying about throwing up every time I cough.

As Barley and others have written about before, stepping away from hard training due to pregnancy or injury has made meย  realise that I derive much of my running motivation from competitive goals. I haven’t lost my motivation entirely, but I like to flip that idea on its head: the joy of untraining during pregnancy, especially in winter, is that I can choose when (and how far and how fast) I want to run. I don’t have to get my long run in slush or ice the day after a snowstorm. No one is forcing me to do an 18-miler (well, no one actually forces any runner to do an 18-miler ever, it’s just what you do if you want to be properly trained for a marathon). I don’t have any mental pressure to hit a certain mileage each week; I can just go out for however long I want.

In fact, these last couple of weeks, my brain has craved slightly longer runs, but I haven’t had the time because I squeeze it all into the 8-5.30: work, making dinner, a lunchtime or late afternoon run, and sometimes daycare pickup. (I usually tack on another hour or two of work after the kiddo goes to bed.) And sometimes my mind says ‘6 miles!’ and I get to 4 and my body says ‘We’re done!’…just roll with it.

2/12 to 2/18 (14/15 weeks pregnant). Solo parenting this week. This was also National Plumbing Disaster Week or something.

Monday 2/12 – Husband leaves for conference on the other side of the country. Contractors come to repair leaky bathroom faucet. They fix faucet but do something that backs up the sink. We have one bathroom. 4 miles.
Tuesday 2/13 – Contractors return to fix sink. They fix clogged pipe but in order to do that they have to take the sink off the wall. Now we have one bathroom, no bathroom sink, and the old sink sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor, rusty sharp bits and all. LUCKILY the kid is old enough to recognise that touching said bits is a Bad Idea. Walk, 1 mile each way to visit friend and her new baby.
Wednesday 2/14 – 9am: contractors due to install new sink & vanity. 7.55am: we are on our way out the door when…the toilet…overflows.

7.56am: I attempt to shut off the toilet valve. It does not work. (Did I mention my building is pushing 50 years old?)
7.57am: Kid and I are sitting on the bed. He is flipping out and crying. I am internally flipping out but on the phone to building management, with the toilet still pouring (THANK GOODNESS) pretty much clean water.
7.58-8am: The entire apartment floods. We pretend we are on a boat.
8am: Building super arrives, does something magical that halts the flow, has janitor pump all the water out and mop the floor most of the way. Building super, whom I trust with our lives, sticks around while the contractors install the vanity.
9am: I finally cart kid to preschool, where he announces ‘Our toilet flowed over!’. THANK GOODNESS for daycare. Call boss, inform him of minor apocalypse, take day off, flee to cafe to try and get a bit of work done.
Noon to 5pm: Laundry. Laundry. Laundry. Haul sodden floor rugs out. Laundry. Throw out water-damaged stuff. Laundry. Retrieve child from preschool. Disaster relief: friend comes over with sushi and ice cream for dinner, and she entertains kid while I fold a mountain of laundry.ย Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

Thursday 2/15 – stress-relief 4.2 miles, tempo effort.
Friday 2/16 – rest. Husband arrives at 6.30pm. I promptly go to sleep.
Saturday 2/17 – rest. Some people stress-eat; I stress-cook. Cook way, way too much food for Chinese New Year potluck with friends. Eat, drink, be merry and horrify people with my Great Flood tale of woe.
Sunday 2/18 – did something to my back on Wednesday, in between 5 loads of laundry and dragging heavy floor rugs out of the house. Penance yoga (mostly just a lot of cat/cow and child’s pose).

2/19 to 2/25 (15/16 weeks pregnant)

Monday 2/19 – rest
Tuesday 2/20 – 3.5 miles.ย 

Wednesday 2/21 – 4 miles. No matter how busy and stressed you are, you DO NOT turn down a run when it’s almost 70 out and sunny.
Thursday 2/22 – rest
Friday 2/23 – 2-mile roundtrip walking commute
Saturday 2/24 – 6 miles in full sunshine and completely glorious weather (high 40s, about 8C)
Sunday 2/25 – rain, wind, chilly; we took kiddo to a playspace to meet up with his daycare BFF and it was as much of a zoo as you’d expect for a dreary Sunday. Followed by family naptime.

Goals for this week:

  1. Eat and move in ways that make me feel good – whether that’s a 6 mile run or a bunch of squats, a homemade smoothie bowl or sour cream and onion Ruffles. (Ahem.)
  2. 3 days of strength training! On which I am already behind. Aaptiv has been an excellent motivator for this.

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  1. oh man – that’s a week! congratulations on your pregnancy! I was all about the untraining during pregnancy – I kept up a regular running routine to the end, but I very rarely went past 5K in the second half of my pregnancy.

  2. Whoa, that is intense! That is a plumbing nightmare, and as a single parent! So glad that’s over- very impressed you were able to get anything done!

  3. I’m so glad that plumbing disaster week is over, though crappy that you had to go through it at all let alone while on single parenting week!

    Tortilla Chips, Queso & salsa- that was my feel good/move good gonna do what I want during Pregnancy go-to….though sour cream and onion ruffles sound good (even when not pregnant!)

  4. I’m glad you’re doing a little better. I love this approach to “untraining.” It took me awhile to get to that point when I was pregnant. I knew I wasn’t training for a race (other than labor and delivery!) but it still felt weird to my competitive self not to go hard or go often. Once I accepted that my body (and baby) would dictate my exercise, I felt a little less stressed and appreciated the days I could move well. Keep at it!