Mango’s Pre-Baystate Marathon Training Log 6.4.17

Marathon Training For the Totally Average Runner

When we left off, I’d just run the Providence half marathon, which ended up being my second fastest half ever! After that, I took a week off running. Not because I’d pushed myself very hard at Providence, but just for a mental change of pace. Then I eased back into running whenever and wherever I wanted, and right now I’m getting my bum back into gear and building a base for my next marathon training cycle. I’ll be doing the Baystate Marathon, a small, flat and ferociously well-organised local race, and marathon training starts June 19!

I’m starting to develop some strategies for getting the miles in.

  • First of all, I have a regular 5-miler that is my bread and butter, my baseline don’t-think-just-go route. It’s boring, but there are fewย stoplights and I know where all the water stops are. If I had to, I could run multiple loops.
  • Next, killing multiple birds with one stone, I’ve decided to run with the toddler every time he wakes us (me) up before 6am. He’s awake? Throw on some clothes, hand him some toast and string cheese, pop him in the stroller, and go. That way I often get a good 3 or 4 easy miles and quality toddler time before 7am and he gets some fresh air and outdoor time. I like to invite friends for some extra accountability should the kiddo not wake early.
  • And then, I’m going to try to commit to track every week, usually Monday night if not Wednesday. You’ll see all of these in my summer training logs: some days will say ‘AM stroller 3 miles, PM track workout’, and so on. You’ll see a lot of double days, but at least one of those runs will be easy. And when I rest, I rest.

Anywho, here you go. My training log for the week ending June 4. Or…

I Ran A 5K On No Training* And The Result Was Surprising!

* Oh, yeah. I’m still running. Like 25 miles a week. I just wasn’t trained specifically for a 5K. What do you mean, that’s clickbait?

Monday – off. Memorial Day hanging out with friends and munchkins at the local children’s farm.
Tuesday – AM: 3 miles with stroller. PM: 2.8 more miles of errand-run.
Wednesday – off
Thursday – 5 miles. Legs felt completely flat, bleh.
Friday – AM: 2.4 miles with stroller and a friend. PM: 3.8 miles with errands tacked on.
Saturday – 8 miles
Sunday – 2 miles warmup to race start, 5K race, 1.9 miles home.

We ran the Cambridge Freedom Run 5K with some friends and their kids; the dads lined up in back and pushed strollers while the moms found a spot a little further up front. I gave the munchkin a kiss for good luck and threaded my way through the crowd up to the 8:00/mi corral.

I went out sort of hard, trying to temper it by chatting with a friend. I’d never actually run with her before so I didn’t realise exactly how fast she was…and then she picked up after the first mile and zoomed off! Accidental PR (24:23), a 10s/mile improvement from my previous best – that was a nice present! I do feel fitter now than when I ran my previous PR in early 2014, so I’m not completely surprised, but I had no real expectations for the race.

Yes, I am clutching my phone like a total twerp because I originally thought I was going to stash it in a stroller pocket. And then I didn’t want to short it out by stuffing it in my bra.

Total: 32 miles

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  1. Fantastic job! I’m especially interested to hear your strategizing on how you’re going to get the miles in- thanks for thinking out loud…

  2. I’m thinking of doing baystate too – but you are starting training way earlier than I can this time around… see you there!

  3. Congrats on the PR! The early morning stroller miles is a strategy I used a lot when I had just one toddler! (and then when I had one plus a kindergartener who slept in). Once I had two early risers it became a lot trickier to get them out the door, but I loved those early morning runs with them!

  4. There’s no PR quite like a surprise PR! Look forward to reading about your marathon training.