A very Mango baby announcement

Baby Mango is here! Well, to be more precise, baby Mango is over a month old. There’s nothing stopping me from writing here. She’s a sleeper. I’m just lazy! Her first and middle name mean ‘peace’ in two languages and she’s living up to it, completely unlike her big brother, with whom we stumbled around in a sleep-deprived haze for the first two years. She is a ‘trick baby’ – tricks its parents into thinking babies are easy. (100% of smug sleep-training guides are written by the parents of trick babies.) I joke that if we’d had her first, the kids would be closer in age…

Teeny tiny two-week-old squish.

So mentally, I could go back to work tomorrow. Emotionally and intellectually, I really enjoy baby snuggles (and catching up on my reading/ TV, heh) and I know that this is probably going to be the last time I have a teeny tiny infant. Meanwhile, my husband had a couple of weeks off and is working from home. We don’t have any family nearby so having him around for non-baby chores is invaluable! Thanks to a flexible, all-but-dissertation grad-student schedule, we spent the last two weeks reconnecting over board games while the baby napped and the big kid was in preschool.

Physically, the last few weeks of pregnancy, I was just DONE. Basically any time I left the house, I was a sweaty, uncomfortable mess, buoyed only by the thought that I couldn’t possibly be pregnant forever. Fortunately, labor and delivery were fast and intense. The day before my due date, we went to the hospital at 8am, contractions cranked up suddenly, I got an epidural at 12.30pm, and by 3.30pm, voila, baby. Being well-rested and pushing for only 10 minutes has made recovery that much easier – no pee leakage and my pelvic floor, core and legs feel so much stronger than the first time around. I also feel uncannily level: no night sweats, no mood swings. I was such a disaster the last time! Bodies are strange.

What now? I’m itching to run again. Starting again will be slow and frustrating. But I trust that my body knows how to run (been running for fun since I was 12) that it’ll come back to running when I’m ready (having taken breaks before, first for dance and then for baby 1) and that I’ll one day feel stronger and sharper and hungrier for speed than I ever have before (not ‘back to the same’, but beyond it).

I’ll run this fall, but I’m not planning to race till mid or late 2019. I want to enjoy life with two kids, remember how to enjoy running again, figure out a new routine, and while I’m doing so, figure out how to fit the necessary ‘extra salt’ into my routine. What better time to build in the extra salt from scratch, if my world is going to be turned upside down and rebuilt anyway?

How do you build extra salt – strength, stretching, rolling, etc – into a routine? I need your best tips – if you work and have more than 1 child, what does your routine look like?ย 

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  1. Yay, welcome to the world Mangitita! As someone who just did four miles lapping an older boys’ soccer practice, combined with having a resistance band in my purse to add that in, my best advice for getting in the extra salt is to not care about looking weird. Ya gotta do what you gotta do, even if it’s in the microscope room (hello, squats, lunges and calf raises!) or on the sidelines of kiddo’s practice (yup, that’s me doing weirdo lungest). I am crossing my fingers baby girl stays a good sleeper for you- Mazel Tov!

  2. I work but only have one child, but am going to chime in anyhow. I get the extras done by book-ending my runs with them as often as possible. A 10 minute dynamic warm up with body weight strength moves, and a 10 minute core workout after a run get you 20 minutes in a day (sub 10 minutes of whatever else you are working on – band walks, a few moves with dumbbells, etc.). Do it before you go back into the house after your run. Foam roll right after that; it gives you a lot of bang for your buck because you can do your whole body in 5 minutes. I also do planks on my lunch break while my food is microwaving at work a lot (we call it “plunch”!). Really anything you can get done on your lunch break is a win (not to mention while brushing your teeth, waiting for water to boil for dinner, etc.).

    Congrats on your sweet addition and best of luck with everything!