Love to Run AND Write? Then We Want YOU!

Who doesn’t love running, writing and … uh … spices?

The Salty Running spice rack is full of seasoned bloggers (get it? Har!) What I mean is that we’ve had mostly the same bloggers for a long time, bringing you the great posts you have come to know and love week after week – and boy do we love them for it! But, with a seasoned crew comes the need to add a few new spicy flavors to the mix. That means we’re looking for some new bloggers to add to the spice rack!

Are you a runner living outside the U.S.?

A track specialist?

A competitive grand master?

A competitive runner trying to get pregnant?

A runner new to racing?

A runner with a demanding career?

A runner with a big crazy dream?

A person who has an otherwise interesting perspective on running and life?

We want you!

If you or someone you know is a talented writer and a passionate runner and might be interested in sharing your unique voice with the Salty Running community, read on!

Computer literate
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All Salty Running Bloggers must:

  • have a developed writing style or voice
  • have a ton of enthusiasm for the sport of running
  • update frequently (as often as 2 times a week)
  • love to share their training experiences, insights, research, tips, etc.
  • share pictures of themselves and their running life, product reviews, race reviews, etc.

How is blogging for Salty Running different from a personal blog?

First, you become part of a community of amazing running women, including veteran marathoners, 100-mile ultrarunners, sub-elite runners, beginners, masters runners and everyone in-between, which means access to a whole wealth of other perspectives. This is particularly helpful when you’re writing on a topic and aren’t sure what the audience will want to hear about it.  We also help each other out when we have questions about our own training!

Next, other people are counting on you, so deadlines are important! By blogging with us you are committing to writing 2 posts a week (1 substantive post and 1 training log), with the option for occasional extras.  We ask our new bloggers to commit to at least 3 months (with the possibility of renewal at the end of the term).

Also, your work is edited by others, which means you get to develop your talent for writing to an audience.

Speaking of writing to an audience, articles for Salty Running must also be reader-centric, that is, aimed toward helping other runners by sharing your insight.  Personal stories are definitely encouraged, but they should, for the most part, have an objective of offering perspective or information to the reader.

Lastly, you will join the best family of women running bloggers out there! Not only do we blog together, but we become great friends and virtual (and sometimes actual!) training partners!

What would I have to write?

Each week you would write 1 training log post, which is a simple, quick run-down of your week in running. To read our current blogger training logs, go here.

You would also write one substantive post. These are expected to be 500-1000+ words; be well-researched with sources cited/linked; fit into the framework of SR (link back to other bloggers’ posts, etc); and, most importantly, be reader-centric.

To apply:

1) You must have an existing blog or submit a writing sample.

2) If you are using your blog as a writing sample, this blog must contain posts about running. If you are submitting a non-blog writing sample, this must also be about running.

3) Besides the writing sample or link to your blog, complete the following application and email it to: We know it’s a lot of questions, but as a runner, you know that nothing worth having comes easy!

Personal Information

  1. Name:
  2. Today’s Date:
  3. Next Goal Race (include name, date, location and distance):
  4. Date of Birth:
  5. Email Address:
  6. Ethnicity:
  7. Occupation/s:
  8. Your Lifestyle in 4 Words or Less:
  9. Current Personal Records for any or all of the following distances (mile; 5k; 5 mile; 10k; half marathon; marathon, or other):
  10. City/State:
  11. Telephone Number:
  12. Number of years you have been seriously training:

Additional Stuff

  1. Please provide a link to your running blog and bio.
  2. Do you train with a coach or follow a plan from a book or website? Please provide the coach’s name or the source of the training plan you’re following.
  3. Why do you want to be a Salty Running blogger?
  4. How long have you been blogging?
  5. Can you commit to blogging an average of 2-3 times a week for a minimum of three months?
  6. Are you willing to post photos of yourself?
  7. Do you write for or blog for any other running sites?
  8. Are you currently sponsored and if so by who?
  9. Do you train or race with a club or team? Please specify.
  10. What’s your favorite herb or spice (use this list)? Tell us why. (Extra points if you pick one that is not already used by one of our bloggers.)
  11. How familiar are you with Salty Running?
  12. What do you love most about Salty Running?
  13. If you could change one thing about the site, what would it be?
  14. What’s your favorite post or category of posts on Salty Running?
  15. Is there any additional information you’d like to provide about yourself?

If you have any questions about blogging for Salty Running, you can ask in the comments or send us an email (see address above). 

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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