Licorice’s Training Log – 3.24.13

The less said about this week, the better. It was a sad, sad excuse for a training week. The thought was there, but it was continually thwarted by exhaustion (long commutes + spending the day chasing after preschoolers), headaches, or just plain old not feeling good. The weekend wasn’t much better as I was in class from 8 to 5 on Saturdayย and Sunday. The class was an excellent course on bike fitting and I’m really glad I took it, but it seriously cramped my style when it came to getting any sort of workout it.

This is basically much how I felt all week. Not pretty. Or productive. (Photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov)

I did manage to get to the gym for some quality time with the elliptical after class on Sunday, but I wasn’t able to hang in there for very long. I wanted to log somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour, but unfortunately I’d used up all of my boredom resistance sitting through 16 hours of class. At least next week is just about guaranteed to be better?

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Class

Sunday: Class + 20 minutes on the elliptical

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In a previous life, I worked on computers and spent all day sitting. Thanks to running, I've rebooted my career and am now a running and triathlon coach and soon-to-be physical therapist. I've also got the mind and spirit of an elite trapped in the body of a back-of-the-packer.

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