Licorice’s Training Log – 12.30.12

Ah, the week between Christmas and New Year’s, also known as the week that absolutely nothing gets done. This year, I escaped having to travel for the holidays by inviting my family out to Seattle, which should have made sticking to my schedule much easier (I wouldn’t have to run in strange places). However, the free-form nature of our days and my new-found habit of sleeping in made it difficult to get weekday runs in, as I’d just be mentally ready and awake enough to head out when everyone was ready to leave the house. Oops. This lack of a plan (which meant I couldn’t really plan around it) was starting to make me just a bit batty.

Our Christmas Tree
Our Christmas Tree

However, once the weekend rolled around we had concrete plans that I was in control of. Which meant I knew exactly what was going on and when we had to be somewhere and when I was going to have to get my runs in to make everything work. As a result, I had a great weekend of running, even waking up super-early on Saturday to get my long run in. I can’t even tell you how good that felt, both because I just needed a run by that point and because I was officially Back On Plan.

Here’s how the whole week fell out:

Monday: Step class. I go with a friend of mine and am constantly amused by how much it just kicks my butt. I’m used to working for an hour, but not quite as much when it’s at a high intensity. It is fun, though.

Tuesday: Rest. It was Christmas day, and we spent it being lazy. Which was awesome.

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 8 miles. My longest run in quite some time. As I had to get up early to get this in (and had a deadline for when I had to be done), I ran this on the relatively flat bike path to save time. All of this hill running has given my legs plenty of strength to get through a long run on flat ground, which I was delightfully surprised by. As a result, this run was more mentally than physically challenging, as I’m just not used to spending that much time running. Having such a good run was definitely reassuring, as I’ve been sort of wary of the mileage build that needs to happen over the next few months as I train for Eugene and the stage race.

Sunday: 4 miles. This run only had to be 2 miles, but since I missed a 4-miler during the week I decided to add on a couple of miles here. Once I got through the warm-up, my legs felt surprisingly good so I just went for it. Aside from some weird stomach issues, I felt astonishingly good throughout the whole thing. This quick recovery bodes very very well for my plans over the next 6 months.

Total for the week: 16 miles (a new record!)

In a previous life, I worked on computers and spent all day sitting. Thanks to running, I've rebooted my career and am now a running and triathlon coach and soon-to-be physical therapist. I've also got the mind and spirit of an elite trapped in the body of a back-of-the-packer.

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