Juniper’s Training Log – 01.04.2014

Where there's a will, there's a way!
Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Since suffering the slight beginnings of a stress fracture after my half marathon at the end of November, I haven’t done any running. Luckily it seems to be healing very quickly. I was given the option of wearing my own hard-soled shoes or the infamous walking boot. I originally decided against the cumbersome leg prison but have not been able to consistently wear the required hard-soled shoes, so as of Monday, an eighth of my body is now encased in plastic. Luckily it’s removable for when I need to sleep and shower…or ride the bike, or swim.

Monday: Strength training – Arms

After a warm-up on the elliptical, I did 4 super sets of standing curls and hammers, 4 super sets of tricep pull-downs and push-downs, 21s with the 20 lb barbell, seated curls,  skull crushers with the 20 lb barbel, and finished the workout off with 20 vacuums.

Tuesday: Bike trainer

Road the bike for 90 minutes – mid chain ring and low gear. I didn’t want to put too much strain on my foot, so I basically rode to burn calories.

Wednesday: Strength training – Shoulders/Back/Chest

I had to improvise a bit since I can’t do my regular seated rows due to my foot/boot, so instead I did 4 super sets of upright rows and kneeling one-arm rows. I followed that with 4 sets of chest presses, 4 sets of lat pull-downs, 4 sets of shoulder presses, and 4 sets on the fly machine. I finished the workout with 4 sets of bent-over reverse back flys. I need to figure out a way to do back extensions while wearing the boot since I can’t anchor myself with it on. To the drawing board!

Thursday: Happy New Year!

I graded papers, did all of my laundry, and took the day off from working out.

Friday: Bike trainer and legs

Rode the trainer for a little over 30 minutes, then finished my workout with some body-weight and hip exercises: leg raises, clamshells, side left lifts, and prone glue squeezes.

Saturday: Swim

I warmed up with 200 easy free focusing on my hand entry. Set 1: 4×100 with a focus on high elbows pointed out. Set 2: 4×50 in the following pattern: slow/fast; fast/slow; fast/fast; slow/slow. Set 3: 6×100 with a focus on maintaining an SPL count of 15-18. My cool down was an easy 100 backstroke followed by 100 free for a workout total of 1600 yards.

Sunday: Rest

I’ve been trying to stave off this impending sinus infection all wee, but alas, it has caught up with me. I decided to give myself another day off from training, so bring on the Vitamin C and fluids! I did, however, order a copy of Lauren Fleshman’s Believe training journal. I can’t wait to fill it with awesomeness!

I’m a runner, CrossFitter, and coach. I write about 5ks, strength training and nutrition. My current goals are to PR in my 5k and continue to grow in my strength conditioning.

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