Juniper’s Training Log 05.31.2015

It’s hard to believe this week marks the end of May, but with that comes the beginning of two things for me: summer break and extra training. School lets out in two weeks, but starting this coming week I will need to dial up the intensity a bit and start two-a-days and brick workouts. Though the weather was pretty crappy this weekend, it’s FINALLY that time of year that most of my training can be done outdoors. Huzzah, nature!

Monday: CrossFit

For Memorial Day, my gym hosted a cookout, but they also hosted a free workout to members as well as our significant others. Since it was a military holiday, a Hero WOD was in order: the Hamilton. This crazy awesome workout consists of 3 rounds for time of the following: row 1000 meters, 50 Push-ups, run 1000 meters, and 50 pull-ups. Yeah. Right out of the gate, I cut that sucker in half, and then I scaled my push-ups and pull-ups as usual by using a box and doing ring-rows respectively. This was my husband’s first CF experience, and I was little nervous that he wouldn’t like it, but luckily he did…and then we ate all of the food at the cookout. All of it.

Tuesday: CrossFit

This is my regularly scheduled day, and though I was a little sore from the previous day’s workout, I was ready to tackle the Tuesday WOD of box squats, weighted-step ups, and a Metcon of power cleans and push-ups. As it is apt to happen sometimes, I thought the workout would be easy, and as I always find out, it wasn’t.

Wednesday: Rest Day

My girls competed in the Regional Semi-finals in the 4×1 and 200m. We narrowly missed qualifying for the finals, but it was a fantastic season, and I couldn’t be more proud of my sprinters.

Thursday: CrossFit

I was absolutely DREADING Thursday’s workout as it consisted of the two things I hate most: bench press and double-unders. Still, I sucked it up and did what I could…which was minimal in both of those areas. After doing super sets of bench presses and dumbbell push-presses, we set up for the main part of the WOD. “Annie” is a pyramid workout of 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 double-unders and sit-ups. It. Was. Grueling. But damn if my abs aren’t going to be amazing this summer!

Friday: Rest Day

I had to stay late at work, so I ended up taking an unintended rest day. I had plans to go out with friends, and after a long week at work, I preferred their company to a road run. That’s right. I said it.

Saturday: CrossFit

Weekend CF workouts are usually, or so they seem, a little tougher than the weekday ones, and this was no exception. You know it’s going to be hard when the morning starts off with a plank-off. Yeah. A mother-effin’ plank off. I only managed to hold mine for 2:55, but I was the last girl standing…err, planking, so I took that as a win. #allaboutthecompetition The main part of the workout was a WOD called “The Chief,” which consists of the following: max rounds in 3 minutes of 3 power cleans, 6 push-ups, and 9 squats. There is a 1-minute rest after each 3 minutes. The entire thing is repeated FIVE times. I don’t think I ever sweat so much in my entire life, but I really liked this WOD. I hope we do it again soon.

Sunday: Run!

a LOT deeper than it looks…as I would discover
a LOT deeper than it looks…as I would discover

I couldn’t wait to hit the trails since it had been raining all day Saturday. The only thing more fun than running on the trails is running on muddy trails. What I didn’t anticipate was how flooded they would be. The Rocky River was a monster of churning brown and white water, and it swelled over the banks covering huge portions of my beloved bridle trails. From the spot where I dropped in, I was only able to run one mile total, including braving running through a smaller flooded portion that was much deeper than I had anticipated (and much colder). I doubled-back and then hit the trails behind the Nature Center. I had anticipated doing an easy-paced 5-miler, but due to the flooding, my workout turned into sprinting hill-repeats. Oh well. It was still fun and still really muddy!

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