Juniper’s Training Log – 01.25.2015

I’ve got your tickets to the gun show!

Plans shmans. That’s basically what this week boils down to. Every Sunday I put into my phone calendar my planned workouts for each day of the week, but sometimes life happens, and you can’t do the things you laid out for yourself. A year ago I would’ve had an epic meltdown about not being able to do exactly what I had set out to do for the week, but I’m a much different person and athlete now. Injury has taught me a lot, but most importantly, it has taught me to listen very closely to what my body is telling me instead of what my brain is urging me to do. So, that’s exactly what I did this week, and I am so much better for it.

Monday: Strength Training – Arms

The routine is pretty much the same from last week. I warmed up with a 15-minute walk/run on the treadmill, which felt great! After my warmup, I did 4×12 of each of the following: a super set of standing DB curls at 15 lbs. each with hammers at 10 lbs. each; a super set of tri push downs and pull downs at 22.5 lbs.; 21s with the 25 lb. EZ bar (a 5 lb. increase for me); seated DB curls at 15 lbs. each; and dips using the bench to stabilize myself.

Tuesday: Run/Bike

I managed two miles on the ‘mill, and although it took me 20 minutes (that’s including a 5-minute walk to warm up), I was so happy to log some real miles. I then hopped on my bike and road for 30 minutes.

Wednesday: Legs

I did my regularly scheduled leg workout in the morning (following a 15-minute warm up on the elliptical) completing the following routine:

  • 4×12 hamstring curls at 60 lbs.
  • 4×12 leg extensions at 50 lbs.
  • 4×12 squats with barbel loaded with 10 lbs.
  • 4×12 leg presses at 130 lbs.
  • 4×12 squats w/20 lb. DB held to the chest
  • 4×12 clamshells
  • 1×12 prone glue squeezes

I wrapped up with a 15-minute stretch session.

Later in the afternoon, I started to feel tired and a little off, so I decided not to return to the gym after work to do my regularly scheduled back/chest/shoulders workout. I am so glad I did.

Thursday: Rest day

I was still feeling really worn out on Thursday, and though it was nagging me a bit that I didn’t technically finish my Wednesday workout, I decided it was better to rest for another full day. My body was telling me I needed a break, and for once I listened.

Friday: Strength – Back, Shoulders, Chest

Feeling 100% back to normal, I tackled my B/S/C workout with fervor on Friday. I warmed up with 15 minutes on the elliptical then followed it up with my upper body routine. Here’s how it all broke down:

  • 4×12 seated rows at 27.5 lbs.
  • 3×12 chest press at 50 lbs.; 1×12 at 45 lbs. (*That’s one more set at the increased weight than last week. Woohoo!)
  • 4×12 lat pull downs at 50 lbs.
  • 4×10 DB back flys at 7.5 lbs. each
  • 4×12 DB incline press at 15 lbs. each
  • 4×12 fly machine at 35 lbs.

Saturday: Run

THREE MILES! I kept it slow (hovering between 5.3 and 5.5 mph) and low (incline between .5% and 1%), but it was the first “normal” feeling run I’ve had since my half marathon at the end of November. I wanted to ride my bike a little bit afterwards but decided against it since I had a swim meet the following morning.

Sunday: Pieter Cath Memorial Swim Meet

Masters team divas!

I really wanted to PR at the 50 Free, but alas I did not. Still, I had an absolute blast swimming with and cheering on my masters team members and friends. I swam the 500 for the first time, and I loved it! Again, I was slower than I would’ve liked, but at least now I have a baseline. It didn’t help that my goggles came off on my entry, but that was due to me not keeping my head down. Lesson learned! My 200 Free relay team did take first place, however, which was super rad. In fact, my entire masters team took first in EVERY relay we competed in at the meet. That’s just how we roll…err, stroke.

I’m a runner, CrossFitter, and coach. I write about 5ks, strength training and nutrition. My current goals are to PR in my 5k and continue to grow in my strength conditioning.

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