Jasmine’s Training Log – 8.31.2014

Well, another strong training week down (minus one day off) and one week closer to race day.

Monday I came home after a weekend in Chicago. 10 mi, 7:55/mi.

Tuesday I went to a different track check out the 6am track workout. It turns out it was hosted by someone who had no clue what he was doing. That’s really too bad, but I’m glad I screened this before my sister or her husband tried it. So instead of the group workout, I ran a threshold workout. 3 mile warmup to track, 3x2400m @ T, 4 miles home. (T=6:32/mi). 11.9 mi, 7:59/mi ave.

Wednesday was easy miles, but there was humidity thrown in for some extra challenge. 10.5 mi, 8:20/mi

Thursday was marathon pace workout day. I still think these are the hardest workouts in my training, maybe because they are at an aggressive pace and long. I always do these on my parents’ street so I can use their driveway as home base and wave to my father as he leaves and my mother as she walks the dog. I’ll talk about it in a self-coaching article soon, but the idea of these runs is to hold dead-on accurate race pace. My parents street is about 0.9mi of flat shaded road, so I run about 11 laps, 13.4 mi total: 1.25 mi warmup, 10mi@M (6:52/mi), 2 mile cooldown.

Friday I went out to run easy miles in my the city park almost in my backyard and decided I had enough at mile 8. 8.1mi, 8:09/mi.

Saturday I took off. Friday I felt cold, fatigued, and tired — what I call norovirus symptoms — and it got worse as the day went on. I slept in till 9am, and felt fine. Luckily I guess it was just a fluke bad friday. As Saturday went on and weather got hotter, I took the day off and went to Costco instead to get running fuel.

Sunday was long run day. It is amazing thing when a 16 mile long run takes less than two hours. This same route use to take me at least a half hour longer last year. 16.6mi (including warmup,cooldown), 7:27/mi ave.

Week total: 70.5 miles, total time 9:19

T-minus Race: 7 weeks till The Columbus Marathon

As always, my complete training logs are on Strava.

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