Jasmine’s Training Log: 8-18-14 to 8-25-14

Because it is a Monday and the start of a brand new training week, I figured I’d jump to it and post my last week of training so you all can see what a typical week in my running life looks like.

Monday Aug 18 to Sunday Aug 24th
I just practice raced on Saturday. So after a shorter recovery run day Sunday, I was back at it on Monday. The theme of this week was hot and humid. I also took my training on the road when I went to Chicago for a weekend wedding.

Monday I ran 10 miles progressive pace on what I call my “standard ten mile” route. I warmed up at about 8:45/mi then ran at easy 8:00/mi and progressed over ten miles to 7:23/mi. 10 miles total, 7:50/mi average moving, 1:21:02 total http://www.strava.com/activities/182521649

Tuesday I went to the track. I ran a quick double-cruise interval set 2x 2400m @T (6:32/mi), then easy miles.  I wanted to take it easy after the practice race on Saturday. After a quiet summer, I was back to sharing the stadium with girl’s soccer. That can only mean the end of summer is upon us. 10.1 miles total, 7:58/mi ave, 1:20:33 total  http://www.strava.com/activities/182521648

Wednesday I waited for the rain to slow down so I only had to run in the drizzle. I ran a route with the first five miles go 300ft downhill and the second five miles go 300ft uphill. The objective in runs like this is to hold (or slightly increase) speed on the second half uphill. 10 miles total, 7:52/mi, 1:20:04 http://www.strava.com/activities/182869199

Thursday is when the week really started to live up to its hot and humid theme. I went back to the track to run another double-cruise interval set. It was supposed to be another 2x 2400m @T, but it was so hot, I forgot one lap the first set. Then on to easy miles and gave up two water bottles later at 7 miles. Total: 7.2mi, 7:48/mi, 1:03:02 http://www.strava.com/activities/183320557

Thursday Doubles. When you don’t have enough fun in the morning, it is a day for doubles. 3.9mi, 7:57/mi http://www.strava.com/activities/183752124

Friday was another crazy humid day I had to really drop the pace into recovery territory today so I didn’t fry. Friday afternoon I drove to Chicago for a wedding.  9.6 miles, 8:47/mi, 1:25:04 http://www.strava.com/activities/183752132

Saturday is when the fun really starts. I left the hotel at 5:45 am to try and find one of the CARA (Chicago Area Runners’ Association) group runs meeting at 6am in downtown Chicago and found them in a park area behind a running store. It is amazing how many people were there. I jumped into the the 7:30 pace group, the fastest group, with two guys. Our little pack headed north on the lakefront trail. We pushed the pace up to about 6:45-ish, at which point I had to send them ahead and slow back. It was 75 degrees, 100% humidity, and so foggy you couldn’t see past the first boat moored in the marinas. At about six miles I turned around and jumped into a CARA 8:00 pace group going in the opposite direction. We made a lot of water stops. My GPS data is still lost, but it was about 17.5 miles total. I was back to the hotel around 8:45am. Even after running 17 miles,  I still managed to dance the night away at a friend’s wedding.

Sunday was hotter than Saturday. It didn’t help that I went to bed at 1am and slept in. I went out around 9:45am with low expectations of actually getting a real run in. By that time it was approaching 80 and still nearly 100% humidity. A big triathlon was going on in Chicago, so I ran to go check it out. It was a big event, but by chance not a great day. I broke onto about a mile of run course to check it out close up. Triathletes were dying in the heat, and so was I. So I wrapped up my sad three mile run and headed to the start area to watch a wave of starts still going on well after 10am. I gave some high fives as the swimmers lined up. It was so crazy hot I couldn’t stick around any longer and had to go shower. But it was fun to see all those athletes out there. 3.6mi, 8:35/mi when I was actually moving.  http://www.strava.com/activities/184994537

Week total: 72 mi, about 10 hours.
Race: 8 training weeks left till The Columbus Marathon

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