Jasmine’s training log 12.14.2014

I can’t think of anything to write about this week. Go read the others’ training logs.  I Just remembered that I forget to mention falling on my treadmill last week. I was I was doing something stupid while reaching for my tablet on a side table. I can’t believe I see so many people run without the safety straps. They are there for a reason folks. I’m still staring at unopened Bosu balls.  It is like I need someone to watch me use because I would rather be running on a treadmill. Didn’t see them at Costco this week.

Monday-Friday inside. Again.

Monday 6 mi

Tuesday 6 mi

Wednesday, Treadmill Intervals! same as last week: Warmup, 5x 4min@I(10.1mph, 1%), cooldown (same as last week)

Thursday 7.3 mi

Friday 7 mi

Saturday, I ran Salty’s workout with her in the park. It was supposed to be 3x 2mi@6:30/mi with 2min rest. Total was 9.6 miles with warmup and cooldown.

Sunday, Salty took me to go running with the Southeast Running Club. We did about 3 miles early and then another 12 with them for about 15 miles total. Except for the water  and regrouping stops, We were well under 7:30 pace, and it felt easy. That is a good sign some good stuff is coming.

Total week: 58 mi. How’s that for an off-season week?
Total Year: 2640 mi

I'm a subelite marathon runner, but I didn't come from a collegiate running background. Instead I'm trying to break into competitive running in my thirties. I write about chasing the dream of running with the elite girls and tell stories of adventures along the way. Watch me chase the next big thing.

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