Jasmine’s training log 11.9.2014

After about 4 weeks, my suspect MCL injury hasn’t gone away on its own. I’ve run over 200 miles on it since it appeared, so it is not anything debilitating. Still, I set up an appointment at Case Health services Tuesday morning (Yeah, I love how they are always dying to do same day appointments)  and was referred to sports medicine at UH. I have enough clues that something is wrong that I need to rule out dangerous things that require intervention before I do something stupid and actually get injured.  I took Monday-Friday off of running, but on Thursday, I met Dawn Patrol for some cold morning biking. It was nice. I haven’t been on my bike since June.

Race planning: I booked hotels for Pittsburgh Marathon (May), Columbus (October), and Toronto Waterfront (same day in October, as a backup plan). Toronto has three elite field classifications ranging from appearance fee pro to 3:00:00. It has full television coverage that you can check out on Youtube in HD. It looks like a nice race that I can drive to easily.

By the way, if you haven’t seen the inline skating division fro the Berlin marathon, check it out. It has been a long time since I’ve seen a sport and said, “man, I need to try that.” Also check out this men’s A start helmet camera video. This looks awesome! Why don’t we have this at any of the US races?

As we come into treadmill season, I found something interesting: YouTube does these random music video mixes. Usually I would watch movies and TV shows, but  when I need mindless stuff for like intervals, this is sort of nice.

Salty and I read Brian Martin’s Running Technique book. While the book provided a very good summary of running mechanics, possibly the best available right now, we didn’t find it lead to an actionable plan in the later chapters.  I’m now reading Anatomy for runners. Hey on this topic, check out this workout done by speed skater Jenny Wolf. I bet it would translate well to running.

Monday-Friday no running

Thursday, 20 miles Dawn Patrol morning ride

Saturday, 7 miles treadmill. Warmup at 6.5. Easy at 7-7.5mph. Then a few miles at 8mph, back to easy and cool down.

Sunday, Met Salty and Marissa for running. I don’t know what their workout was, but I ran 10.9 miles of it at 7:40/mi. Pepper rode bike support. It was nice.

Totals: about 17 running, 20 bike.



I'm a subelite marathon runner, but I didn't come from a collegiate running background. Instead I'm trying to break into competitive running in my thirties. I write about chasing the dream of running with the elite girls and tell stories of adventures along the way. Watch me chase the next big thing.

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  1. If you want to do an inline marathon, try the Duluth Inline Marathon in August. It runs the Grandma’s course (except they take the cobblestones out and take you through the freeway instead). My husband did it this year and it was amazing! I’m going to at least do the half this next year. It’s pretty humbling to watch the elite inline skates do draft lines. Yes, there are elite inline skaters. They do a full in about an hour.

    1. Cool. I don’t own skates. I don’t think we have any road around here in good enough condition to skate, but it looks impressive. Also, after being in a bike crash last year, a lot of things terrify me.

  2. There used to be a bunch of inline skate races in conjunction with running races here, most notably the river run half marathon, but those have disappeared as inline skating’s popularity waned.

    In others news, I’d pay to see you inline skate 🙂

    1. I wear a 9.5 in most running shoes. A 9 in Hoka, and I think a 40 in shamano/Pearl izumi bike shoes. If you have some, you can watch me crash and get injured.