Jasmine’s training log 11-30-2014

Instead of 8 of us sitting and staring at each other across  a table this year, we went to Florida for Thanksgiving. This experiment was a long time coming. I assume it was successful.

Monday it was still warm enough at home that I could go running outside in the morning after the overnight rain cleared. Then the rest of the week, I got to run in Florida! After two weeks of mostly treadmill, that was a nice change. I was in Delray Beach. The only catch with Delray is that it is squeezed between the intercoastal waterway and ocean, so there is only one place to run: Basically from central Delray at Atlantic Ave, you either run A1A north or you run A1A south. The other thing is that Florida is silly-crazy-flat. It is so flat that when you look down the ailroad tracks, you can see them bend around the curvature of the earth. (Really. This is not an exaggeration). That must be why there aren’t any ski resorts in south Florida. Ok, that was stupid.

Then while wondering around Delray on Friday, my sisters and parents and I came across the Delray Beach Running Company store. The store  is brand new. Its grand opening celebration was earlier this month. This is the first running store I think I’ve been in since Heart and Sole in Albuquerque 11 years ago that had a treadmill in the store. That might not sound like a high bar, yet it is a basic that most running stores just skimp out on. The Delray Running Company has its treadmill set up with video and software to do gait analysis. Ann humored me and we shot video of me screwing around Saturday morning when I came in for the group run at 6am.

Saturday I made Delray Beach Running Co. one of my American Express small business stops and bought another pair of socks.  Who can’t use another pair of socks?

Ann is in the process of putting together a store sponsored elite team, so if you are in South Florida and shooting big, check it out. If you want to go to a running store that actually cares enough to have a treadmill, check it out. If you are in South Florida and want to meet a group at a reasonable time before sunrise, check it out (I think the current schedule is Tuesday 5:30am, Saturday 6am).


Monday It was still nice from the weekend, but it was also so windy I might have been  running sideways. There was some nice 60º weather between the previous night’s rain and the falling temperatures a few hours later. 5.4mi, 7:44/mi


Tuesday my family flew to Florida.  I ran in the afternoon when we got settled. It was crazy hot and humid. I accidentally took off way too fast for an easy run. and started out exploring A1A south of Atlantic Ave. 5mi 7:01/mi

Wednesday Morning Still Hot and Humid, A1A north. 8mi 7:50/mi

Wednesday Afternoon Some random stuff south of Atlantic Avenue. 5.1mi 7:45/mi

Thursday Morning Beautiful Morning…. Like really beautiful morning. I ran A1A north in the dark to some park, did a mile on the beach at low tide, and ran A1A home at Sunrise.  10mi 7:57/mi

Thursday Afternoon A1A south 4.3mi 7:46/mi

Friday Morning A1A north but stayed on the streets. It was 52 degrees. I ran with light knit gloves, but even after I cooled down and wondered around for a while afterward and even during breakfast outside, no Raynaud’s.  I’m amazed with the results so far, but I need to confirm efficacy before I write about it. 10.3mi 8:15/mi

Friday Afternoon I ran out to A1A and then followed guy who looked like a track star south way too fast and turned around at 2 miles. 4mi 7:13/mi

Saturday Morning After checking out the brand new running store on Friday, I met at the store Saturday morning at 6am for the group run. 11mi 8:04/mi

Sunday Morning was the last day. I went A1A north and then made a attempt on the Delray Boardwalk North segment on Strava so I could leave one more QOM crown behind.  Then it was time to fly home. 7.6mi 8:15/mi

Week total: 70 mi
year total:  2539 mi

I'm a subelite marathon runner, but I didn't come from a collegiate running background. Instead I'm trying to break into competitive running in my thirties. I write about chasing the dream of running with the elite girls and tell stories of adventures along the way. Watch me chase the next big thing.

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