Jasmine’s training log 1.11.2015

New shades, courtesy of mile 10.
New shades, courtesy of mile 10.

I guess this is the first official in-season week. Game on. I’m running 3 quality days inside. This is a formula that feels reasonable to repeat for a while. I also wanted to start by making sure that Columbus’s pace (or faster) still felt like a good starting point to build on.The marathon pace run this week seemed too easy, but that was just a test.  It is a good sign of things to come. The important thing is that I’m getting in high quality workouts on a treadmill. There are a lot of things about running quality workouts on a treadmill that are amazing. Consistent pacing without thinking about it is awesome! Oh, and by the way, doubles were back in style this week.

Sunday outside with the SERC gang was a nice change.  I found a nice pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses on the street around mile 10. Win!

Silly 100,000th mile in my car pulling into running club. I've owned it almost as long as my road bike.
Silly 100,000th mile in my car pulling into running club. I’ve owned it almost as long as my road bike.

I pulled in to meet the SERC gang on Sunday and put the 100,000th mile on my car. I would say this is the longest I’ve ever owned something I’m still using, but that’s not true. I owned my road bike one year longer. I wonder how many miles that is in bike years.

Week in review

Monday through Saturday inside. Sunday outside

Monday Morning: Recovery 6.5 mi, 8:24/mi

Monday Evening: No notes in my log. I assume it was unremarkable (that’s a good thing). 3.5 mi, 8:09/mi

Tuesday: Cruise Intervals on a treadmill. (“cruise intervals” means LT workout broken up into smaller chunks)
Warmup. 3x 12min@(9.4mph, 1.5%) with 2:00 rests. cooldown. 10mi total

Wednesday: Easy miles inside 10mi, 8:06/mi

In sub-sub-sub freezing Saturday morning, the Pittsburgh Marathon kickoff run wan replaced with a virtual treadmill kickoff run. My entry.
In sub-sub-sub freezing Saturday morning, the Pittsburgh Marathon kickoff run wan replaced with a virtual treadmill kickoff run. My entry.

Thursday Morning: Treadmill Intervals
Warmup, 3x4min@(10.2mph, 1.5%) with 1:30 recoveries, 2:30 rest/water break, another 3x4min set, cool down.
Of note, I had lower right stomach pain (just like on I think it was July 3rd) during the cool down and pulled the plug at 8.1 miles.

Thursday Evening: Easy recovery 3.3mi, 8:30/mi

Friday: easy miles. 10mi, 8:06/mi

Saturday: Pittsburgh Marathon kickoff run was replaced with a virtual treadmill kickoff run so I jumped on board. I used this as a chance to put on some miles at what was my Columbus Marathon pace just to test the waters to see how it felt and get an idea of what I should be shooting to run in a few months. It felt great. I know how hard goal marathon pace should feel in the beginning, and this defiantly wasn’t it— sign of good things to come.
Half-mile warmup, 1-hour @ (8.8mph, 1.5%), 1-mi cool down. 10.5 mi total.

Sunday: Met up with the SERC folks to run outside, and kept the run easy. 11.5mi, 7:42/mi

Week Total: 73.4mi
Year: 113 miles

Done just in the nick of time. My ambien just kicked in. Insomnia comes knocking.

I'm a subelite marathon runner, but I didn't come from a collegiate running background. Instead I'm trying to break into competitive running in my thirties. I write about chasing the dream of running with the elite girls and tell stories of adventures along the way. Watch me chase the next big thing.

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    1. Yeah, goal MP should feel really, really fricking hard this far out — especially under 68-degree indoor conditions. Not that I know what Goal MP is yet — all in due time.

      1. Haha – I think 68+ degree weather would mess with my goal MP (my favorite is right around 40 degrees). Good stuff. Keep up the hard work. I think you have a lot ahead of you. All in due time.

  1. For the record, it just took 13 minutes for my amien to kick in and it is almost full full force. Unfortunately the only defense I have against the insomnia fairy wears off around 2am.

  2. That’s fantastic that goal pace from Columbus felt so easy at the START of your season – definitely a great sign. I’m excited to see what this season holds for you. Not at all jealous of the treadmill miles though. Hope you are able to get back out on the roads soon! Richmond usually isn’t too bad with the temps and snow and ice but today (freezing rain) was unfortunately a treadmill day since I didn’t want to wipe out trying to run on the roads.