Jasmine’s Training Log – 9.21.2014

What’s new this week? The most exciting thing is that I ran my two thousandth mile year-to-date on Friday and a new treadmill came Wednesday.

Friday I ran my two thousandth mile of the year. That must make me a badass runner girl.
Friday I ran my two thousandth mile of the year. That must make me a badass runner girl.

Monday was easy mile on my favorite route. 10.0mi, 8:25/mi

Tuesday was “Threshold Track Tuesday” again. It rained last night. Track was a little squishy, but dry enough. I ran the Hanson 2x3mi “strength” workout using the Daniel’s VDOT 53 threshold pace of 6:32/mi with 2 minutes rests and cooled down on the track. Turns out those guys from last week were cross country.
9.9mi total: Warmup, 2x3200m@T with 2min rest, cooldown.

Wednesday was easy miles. 10.0mi 8:25/mi. Later, I picked up my new treadmill. It is a Reebok 910 from Costco Online.

Thursday was nice and cold. I went to go run my marathon pace workout on my parents street. I was slightly faster than my target M pace of 6:03 per lap (a lap is 1420m).  1.25mi warmup, 10mi@M (6:52/mi), Talk to my mother,  2 mi cooldown

New Treadmill. Let the fun begin!
New Treadmill. Let the fun begin! I want my garage back.

Friday was easy miles. Gps went on the fritz. It didn’t even have me in the right city. The most exciting thing was running my two thousandth mile year-to-date.
7.4mi in about an hour and a few seconds

Saturday morning was Beautiful. I did my 16 mile long run to Euclid Creek (plus three neighborhood miles). I haven’t been there since July. 16 miles, 7:31/mi

Sunday the rain stopped before sunrise. It was warm and humid, but fine for an easy 7.1 miles, 7:59/mi

Week total: 73.8 miles, total time 9:34
Year-To-Date: 2,025 miles
T-minus Race: 4 weeks till The Columbus Marathon
As always, my complete training logs are on Strava.

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    1. This is ICON’s Reebok 910 treadmill from Costco Online, the current $900 treadmill special.

      I was thinking of writing an article about what you are getting yourself into when you bring home a treadmill in a box from like Costco or order it online. Saturday was assembly day, and I started taking pictures. Assembly wasn’t a big deal in my garage, but it quickly became a stupid project when assembled it was 37-inches in the smallest dimension, which means it is bigger than the biggest door of a house.

      Now remember, house doors and appliances are standardized in size to ensure that people can actually buy appliances and fit them into their houses. I had to take sliding doors off the track to get it in the house, and I still don’t know if I can fit it past my stairs to get it into my theater. The plan was to be able to wheel it from my theater into the corner somewhere for summer storage, but it is so big and hard to move, I don’t know what is going to happen. The whole thing is silly. It doesn’t actually fold in half only to about 60° so you can’t just throw it on a movers dolly and move it around like I was use to. If I ever make it on the treadmill, I’ll give you a review. I made sure I bought something I could run indoor intervals on for many more VDOTs above mine. I can’t wait to find out how much treadmill intervals suck. I was not prepared for how gigantic this thing is. I’ll get some pictures up next week for scale.