Jasmine training log (and first 90 mile week)- 8.16.2015

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Man that feels good: what an amazing number to put in an estimated finish time box. Anything can happen, but right now the training target I’m using for Columbus Marathon is 2:53. One day I’ll write more about where this number came from — there’s no magic formula here. It is just what currently feels like marathon pace when I try it out on 10 mile MP runs.

I did make one discovery that I think is kind of important. My workouts and long runs have to go as far away as possible from the last time I sat in my car for three hours. So Monday mornings (Three days after I drive from Detroit to Cleveland) and Thursday or Friday mornings (Three to four days after I drove from Cleveland to Detroit).

Onto this training week, which by the way is my first 90 mile training week ever!

Monday: Cruise intervals at John Carroll Track. these were 2 mile warmup, 3x2400m with 1:30 rests, couple mile cool down. I kind of went out without any real expectations for pacing and just took it at what felt like LT. First interval came in at 9:30, second and third at 9:20 (which is 6:15 pace – right on target for VDOT 56, a 2:53 marathon)

Tuesday was a tuesday. Easy morning run of about 12 miles and then 5 miles at the Hanson speed workout in the evening. I don’t do the workouts. It is just nice to hang out with everyone there.

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Thursday the amazing 10 mile MP run. I haven’t measured the training course I use so It is hard to know exactly how pacing comes in, but I’m doing these at about 6:37 pace. The goal is to nail 5:40 for each lap on the street I am using. I’m now doing 2 mile warm ups these days because It is taking about that long to feel warmed up.

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Saturday. I got up a bit late and head to the national park, I mean THE CUYAHOGA VALLEY NATIONAL PARK. (It’s kind of a special place. It deserves to be capitalized). Where… I ran into Cheryl, JP, Steve and their gang and tagged along for Steve’s run through the woods and then make this my long run for the week so I didn’t have to do it Sunday.  Salty and her husband were there, but I missed them. The high school cross country kids where there. It was kind of the place to be on Saturday.

Year to date: 1908 miles (and about 17,500 in my car, year to date, and that doesn’t include what I drove in Europe.)


P.S. Garmin Forerunner 15 is on sale at Costco.


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