Jasmine Training Log 9.28.2014

I found the glove I lost last week on the sidewalk in a pile of leaves! That is how a good week starts. For the first time, 3-hour marathon pace didn’t feel aggressive. I went to watch the Akron Marathon and then Sunday, went running with Salty. Oh, and my treadmill is at least in my house now.

Monday was threshold training on the track. I ran the Hanson 3x2mi “strength” workout using the Daniel’s VDOT 53 threshold pace of 6:32/mi and 1 minute rests. (different pace and rest than described in Hanson’s training plan). Then I found my lost glove on the way home.
1.5mi warmup, 3x2mi@T(6:32/mi) w/1min rest, 2.5mi cool down

Tuesday was easy miles. 9.0mi, 8:12/mi

Wednesday I went to my parents’ street to run my 10 mile marathon pace workout and nailed the pacing this time. It also was the first time the pace didn’t feel aggressive. It still feels fast but not aggressive. Things are coming along.
1.25mi warmup, 10mi@M(6:52/mi), talk to my mother for ten minutes, 2 mi cooldown.

Thursday easy miles kept easy. 10.0mi, 8:24/mi

Sunday's salty run.
Sunday’s salty run.

Friday I ran my long run at 6:15am with no GPS watch for pacing. I still nailed the pacing (long runs are at target 7:30/mi, but flexible). My pacing sucked when I came into this season, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Cruising down tree lined street in the dark at close to 7 minute miles felt like flying. Then I got stuck in every traffic light on the home stretch. 16.4 miles, 7:31/mi

Saturday was the Akron Marathon. So I went to put in some easy miles on the back half of the course before the race started and then hung around with Becky at the finish line to watch the race. 10.5 miles, 7:52/mi

Sunday running with Salty’s big cheese, Salty herself at North Chagrin Reservation. North Chagrin at sunrise is something special. Then off to sailing. 10.4mi, 7:42/mi


Week total: 80 miles, total time 10:17
Year-to-date running: 2105 miles
T-minus Race: 3 weeks till The Columbus Marathon
My GPS training logs are on Strava


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