Jasmine Training Log 9.27.2015

Alright folks, we’re down to the last three weeks till Columbus. There are 11 days of hard stuff left and then it is all downhill. We are looking at temperatures starting to hit the high forties next week in the morning in the midwest. But before I go any further on telling you about my training for the next big thing I have to tell you that I met Andrea White at the starting line of the Akron Marathon on Saturday. I was standing there (apparently next to her mother) watching the elites warm up, and she recognized me from Strava. It is so cool when running social  media works!

This is what a successful marathon practice run looks like.

The big thing to report on this week is that I did my 16 mile MP simulator run. Like I said last year in my marathon report, I thought this run should come about a week sooner (3.5 weeks out instead of 2.5 weeks out). I did this workout Thursday morning on my training loop in Michigan. It was kind of warm: high fifties and 98% humidity. I warmed up, set out my water bottle table, and took off around 6:30am before I could see my watch. First lap was about 6-8 seconds slow. I feel like I am working really hard and then at the end of the street, my watch says: lap 5:44. The rest of the run went quite well Pacing wasn’t as steady as I wanted,  and I think I was a few seconds slower than the last three weeks under cooler conditions. I still don’t have the loop measured so I can’t say exactly how this translates into a race plan. I think I was at 6:32 pace and this will translate into a race plan just under 2:52. Stay tuned for another update.

The amazing thing though, is that  run did not beat the shit out of me like the same run last year. I took three recovery days last year, and this year two days later I’m not sore at all.  They say this stuff gets easier the faster you get. Maybe that is true. I did throw up a whole bunch of water after this run.

p.s. you all need to learn to race in competition briefs. they don’t chafe.

Weekly Highlights

Dale Miller
You’ve got to watch out for these people in Michigan. with Papa Dale Miller.

Monday Cruise intervals on the John Carroll Track. This week I had to dodge Lacrosse balls.  3x3200m with 1:30 rests. 12:17, 12:15, 12:16

Tuesday doubles at Dodge Park

Thursday warmup then 16 miles at MP and cool down

Saturday 16 miles easy in the process of watching the pre-start and finish of the Akron Marathon.

Sunday with Salty


Week total: 91 miles


By the way, this is the water bottle table setup after a run. There were 7 bottles and 3 gels all over the street when I was done. (I clean up on my cool down)
By the way, this is the water bottle table setup after a run. There were 7 bottles and 3 gels all over the street when I was done. (I clean up on my cool down)

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