Jasmine Training Log 9.7.2014

Well, another strong training week down and one week closer to race day.

Monday was ten miles easy: 10mi, 8:22/mi

Tuesday I went to a the track to do cruise intervals. It was humid so I gave up and put on easy miles instead, still running 10 miles. 10mi, 8:00/mi

Wednesday was supposed to be more base easy miles, but i got carried away and went a little fast. It bit me the next day. 10.1mi, 7:43/mi

Thursday was marathon pace workout day. Like usual I went to my parents’ street and ran laps. It was cooler than Wednesday, but still humid. I had to stop to drink water a few times. I stopped at 7 mi when I was having a hard time holding accurate pace and before I lost my shade. 10.4 mi total: 1.25 mi warmup, 7mi@M (6:52/mi), 2 mile cooldown.

Friday I kept my easy miles easy. 9.5mi, 8:27/mi

Check out these speedy runners after the training run.

Saturday I went to go meet a HUGE training run thirty miles south of me in Akron. It was a blast. I don’t know how many people showed up, but there were 400 RSVPs. I ran the 20 mile course with Kevin. He and I are both training to attempt a three-hour marathon in Columbus in six weeks. We met on Strava a few days earlier. The organizers set up aid stations, people stood around and socialized for hours afterward. This was also the first time I’ve been on the back half of the Akron Marathon course ( Rocket won it a few years ago). I crossed path with some members of a local team, Team Ohio and got invited to their team meeting on Sunday.  It was a blast. That is a challenging course. 20.9mi, 7:36/mi

Sunday felt great. I couldn’t even remember running twenty miles the day before. Still I took it easy: 8.1 mi, 8:32/mi

Then Sunday afternoon I went to the Team Ohio team meeting. It is in the process of becoming organized, and already is setting pretty high standards (think 2:52 women’s marathon). More on this as it develops.

Week total: 79.1 miles, total time 10:26
T-minus Race Day: 6 weeks till The Columbus Marathon
As always, my complete training logs are on Strava


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  1. Tuesday was beastly. Maybe I can blame my horrible workout on the weather 🙂

    Do you think you’ll join Team Ohio? They have the best race kits! Love the cardinal!