Introducing Maple!

FullSizeRender-1Hi Salty Runners! Greetings from the True North! I’m Maple and I’m thrilled to bring you the Canadian Eh-dition of Salty Running! Yes, that’s right. You’ve got yourself a running friend north of the 49th parallel.

Like Pesto, who you met yesterday, I wasn’t always a runner. I grew up in a professional ballet school and never participated in sports. Ultimately though, I fell out of love with ballet and knew it was not the path for me. I am grateful for my years in ballet as it instilled in me a very strong work ethic and appreciation for the hours that go into a successful performance.

Throughout university I dabbled in activities to stay in shape, but never really found my groove. I battled to keep weight off, and like many, I struggled to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin.

Enter running.

Mom and me

My Mom, an avid runner herself, had always encouraged me to run. She knew the impact running would have on my life. As someone who never viewed themselves as a runner, I often struggled to find the motivation to get out the door. Although, with time, I managed to finish my first half marathon in 2007 in 2:45. It wasn’t pretty. I did, however, finish. Like many of us, that first race was a defining moment in my life.

Over the years I’ve continued to run, completing 13 marathons (3:55 PR) and 13 half marathons. My goal has been to qualify and run Boston, so my training is now focused on performance and getting faster. I have worked with a coach for the past year and now train with a local racing team. I get chills thinking about what it will feel like when I run from Hopkinton to Boston.

I’m a very determined and stubborn person, which is why the marathon and I get along so well. I am continuously humbled by the marathon distance, but nonetheless refuse to quit. The training that goes into 42.2 kilometres provides me with the daily outlet to become a better version of myself. I often train in the early morning and have had some of my best thoughts while the rest of the city is asleep. I am a firm believer that anything can be cured with a good run. in Canada presents some unique training experiences and I try my best to remain positive about the climate we live in for the better part of the year! I’ve completed my fair share of 32K runs on the treadmill and know all too well what “Feels like -40ºC” is all about (that’s still equivalent to -40ºF for you non-metric Southerners). I wear my one and only DNF in the 2015 Winterman Half Marathon due to “frost nip” as a badge of honour.

Running has changed my life. I am motivated to run because it makes me strong both mentally and physically, and the more you do it, the more it gives back to you. I look forward to bringing you Salty Running articles on Canadian elites, marathon training, and what goes into becoming a faster and stronger runner!

I'm a Canadian runner with a knack for training in frigid temperatures and completing 20 milers on the treadmill. I'm currently training for a spring marathon, with the goal of Boston Qualifying. Outside of running, I work in public policy and can often be found cross-stitching or being talked out of adopting another cat.

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  1. Yay Maple! Look forward to SR-ing with you 🙂 I admire ballerinas athleticism so much, I imagine 42.2 feels comparable to wearing pointe shoes?!

  2. so strange! I am Canadian and grew up in a professional ballet school also. Now I am training for a sub 4 full! congrats!

  3. I will never complain about Rochester’s cold weather ever again….I cannot imagine those winters! Welcome to Salty and looking forward to reading more about you, and your running!