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Fenugreek BioHi there, Salty readers! I am a 27-year-old runner and coach in the Seattle area, and I’m so excited to be part of the Salty Team! 

I started running in college, but not as your typical cross-country and track collegiate runner. Academics were my focus, so I took up running in the hopes it would help me unwind and mentally relax. I’m sure it won’t surprise you, that the harder my courses became, the more I ran. I’ve never done well sitting still either, so running gave me an outlet for all my pent-up energy and allowed me to actually focus my mind on my work.

In graduate school, I fell even more in love with running. So when the time came between applying for Ph.D. programs and choosing another career, I decided to take a risk (with the support of my incredible husband) and become a running coach and running blogger.

And so I did! I started my own site dedicated to nutrition and running and became a certified coach in 2015. I love working with other runners in helping them achieve their goals.

Of course, the academic in me never fully went away, so I love writing about the science of running and enjoy delving into controversial topics. I’m not afraid to share my opinions on junk miles, racing weight, marathon training, and more. That’s what attracted me to write for Salty Running – no one here avoids important or hot topics!

Fenugreek Bio
Enjoying the run!

In terms of my own running, even though I ran throughout all of college and graduate school, I didn’t do my first official race until I was 24. Since then, I’ve raced a 10K, three half marathons, and a marathon. 

I started with the 10K at a small local race. I probably averaged 25 mile per week and placed fourth in my age group with a 50:15. This race ignited my competitive spirit, which needed an outlet since I was no longer in academia. I craved speed and yearned to run faster and farther. My legs itched to train harder, but my mind needed it as much as my body.

Naturally, I followed up the 10k with a half marathon a couple months later. This was also just a couple of months after finishing my master’s thesis and getting married. I surprised myself and placed third in my age group with a 1:46 (it was a small race)!

Now, my half marathon PR is 1:38 and I’m training for the California International Marathon this December, where I hope to run sub-3:35. I have big goals for running: someday I want to break 1:30 in the half marathon and chip away at my marathon time as much as I can. But ultimately, I want to be one of those 60 year-old women who is still competing. Those runners inspire me each day.

Fenugreek Bio
I love being outside no matter what I’m doing.

I love long distance running more than I could have ever imagined and find incredible fulfillment in training, both my own and in training my athletes.What’s even more exciting for me than my own training is training other runners. I’m an RRCA and Run-Fit certified coach and I work with runners of all levels. I emphasize sustainable training methods to help my athletes improve and work towards their goals while fostering a lifelong participation in the sport.

Beyond running, my husband and I (and our two rescue dogs, a Puggle and Australian Cattle Dog) spend as much time outdoors as possible. How can you not when you live in the Pacific Northwest? We hike and camp together in the mountains each weekend. Hiking is in some ways harder for me than running, but it’s equally enjoyable. I also love rescue dogs, craft beer, Pilates, and cooking/baking everything I can from scratch.

Why did you start running?

I am a running coach, blogger (This Runner's Recipes), distance runner, and outdoor enthusiast. I live in the Seattle metro area with my husband and our dog. I am currently training for the California International Marathon. I write about the science of training and love to debate controversial topics like junk miles and women's only races.

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  1. Welcome Fenugreek! Love your story and already have your site pulled up in another tab. 🙂 Happy to have another Pilates fan on SR!

  2. When I first read your intro, I felt like I was reading my last race report! I could so relate to abandoning loads of education to evangelize running 🙂 Welcome! Excited to read more!